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Siemens NX 1973 Build 4001 (NX 1953 Series)

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Siemens NX 1973 Build 4001 (NX 1953 Series)
Siemens NX 1973 Build 4001 (NX 1953 Series) | 16.4 Gb
Languages Supported: English, 中文, Čeština, Español, Français, Deutsch
Italiano, 日本語, 한국어, Polski, Português, Русский


The Siemens Digital Industries Software development team is pleased to announce the availability of NX 1973 Build 4001 (NX 1953 Series) is the leading CAx software for use of existing customer data in new enhancement releases.
Siemens NX 1973 Build 4001 (NX 1953 Series) - Date: November 2021
Sheet Body Analysis using NXOpen.UF.UFModl.AskMassProps3d()PR10160213 "NXOpen.UF.UFModl.AskMassProps3d is returning wrong property values is partially fixed in NX 1973.4000. The full fix will be available in NX 2007. All these statements are only applicable for Sheet Body Analysis usingNXOpen.UF.UFModl.AskMassProps3d():
1. NXOpen.UF.UFModl.AskMassProps3d() returns the Mass property values for both Solid and Sheet bodies. This PR reported an issue with the calculation of Mass Property values for Sheet bodies, so the PR closure statement is applicable to Sheet bodies only. The fix does not affect the Mass Property calculation of Solid Bodies.
2. The Mass property values are returned as a list of 46 values, with the 46th value being the density input by user. This value returned by the API is currently incorrect and will be incorrect even with the fix. It will be accurate starting NX2007.
3. What does not work until 2007: If Mass Property values for a sheet body are requested in any unit except Pounds and inches for inch part files and any unit for millimeter part files, the values returned continue to remain incorrect. Starting NX2007, all combinations of part file units (inch & millimeter) and Mass property output units (Pounds and inches, Pounds and feet, Grams and centimeters, Kilograms and meters) will return accurate results.
4. With this fix, in NX1973.4000, the mass property values output by NXOpen.UF.UFModl.AskMassProps3d() will be accurate only when the part units are inches and the mass properties are requested in the lbm & inch units.

Release,PR Number,Description,Application,Function,Sub_Function
1973.4,8472242,"MultiCAD-DWG Save Failed: Modeler Error, Geometry fails to pass checks",CORRUPTED_PARTS,MODELING,ALL
1973.4,10007898,PCB Exchange NX - Existing components are recreated,PRINTED_CIRCUIT,PCB_EXCHANGE,ALL
1973.4,10008173,Ports are not the correct size when connector is added in a Mixed Unit assembly,ROUTING_GENERAL,PREFERENCES,ROUTING
1973.4,10012153,[CAD]ATS can not validate the test cases in an old version of NX,SYSENG,NXOPEN,.NET
1973.4,10016192,Linked Exterior throws Internal Error with Mass Properties turned on,ASSEMBLIES,ASSEMBLY_MODEL,LINKED_EXTERIOR
1973.4,10030746,Internal error memory access violation error while editing Text feature,CAM,UPDATE,ALL
1973.4,10032659,Weld objects hidden in model view appearing in Published TDP,DEX_COMPONENTS,PRC_ADAPTER,PRC_WRITE
1973.4,10033772,Unable load workset contain invalid feature in an TDP executable outside of NX,TECH_DATA_PKG,PUBLISH,CORE
1973.4,10038700,Weight calculation deformable part failed,ASSEMBLIES,WEIGHT_MANAGE,ALL
1973.4,10060633,PMI Section Cut Names are not transferred correctly open JT created from Creo,PMI,SECTION_VIEW,CORE
1973.4,10061190,Overstock on round stock results in interferring solid bodies,ROUTING_GENERAL,STOCK_AS_COMP,OVERSTOCK
1973.4,10068226,The mass of an Assembly does not show the change of an deform component,ASSEMBLIES,WEIGHT_MANAGE,ALL
1973.4,10075854,NX Managed Mode - Workpiece Save As... doesn't work anymore,CAM,TC_MFG,OTHER
1973.4,10076039,Drafting spline with more than 3 points jumps out of active sketch member view,DESIGN,SKETCHER,SPLINE
1973.4,10076855,"""Publish for Disclosure"" changes between true false",NXMANAGER,ATTRIBUTES,SYNCHRONIZATION
1973.4,10077616,Spline is moved out of Drawing Base View and not included in the sketch,DESIGN,SKETCHER,SPLINE
1973.4,10079556,Problem with line width display after export to PDF,GATEWAY,DescriptionTING,ALL
1973.4,10087206,Spline in Active Sketch View jumps to abs coordinates,DESIGN,SKETCHER,SPLINE
1973.4,10096788,"The Session.UpdateManager.DoUpdate() fails with error ""NULL pointer error"" after",DRAFTING,ANNOTATION,RASTER_IMAGE
1973.4,10100078,Thick lines showing after generating the Drawing PDF from NX Drawing module,GATEWAY,DescriptionTING,ALL
1973.4,10104301,utility crashes while exporting assembly as STEP242 when 'EXPORT_SYSTEM_ATTRIBUT,DEX_COMPONENTS,STEP_ADAPTER,STEP_WRITE
1973.4,10104610,"""Save IPW As"" locks session of NX",CAM,TC_MFG,OTHER
1973.4,10105717,Spline with more Points than Degrees jumps out of Drafting Sketch,DESIGN,SKETCHER,SPLINE
1973.4,10106800,NX Managed Mode - Save Workpiece as Fails,CAM,TC_MFG,OTHER
1973.4,10107681,Spline with more Points than Degrees jumps out of Drafting Sketch,DESIGN,SKETCHER,SPLINE
1973.4,10109220,STEP242 export results in wrong shared instances,TRANSLATOR,NX_JT,GENERAL
1973.4,10113770,"If the hatch is transformed and copied, it will no longer belong to the group",DESIGN,FEATURE_MODEL,TRANSFORM
1973.4,10114770,File Export Issue CGM PDF STL Not maintaining file name format on exported file,SYSENG,UI_FRAMEWORK,ON_SCREEN
1973.4,10118680,Engraving shows Internal errors when editing the text,CAM,BASIC_FUNCTIONS,UNDETERMINED
1973.4,10119989,Export to pdf stripping last 8 characters off of the name,SYSENG,UI_FRAMEWORK,ON_SCREEN
1973.4,10120406,Issue exporting PCB Board,PRINTED_CIRCUIT,PCB_EXCHANGE,ALL
1973.4,10125372,The results of Check Regions are different by body type,KDA,MOLDED_PART_VAL,ALL
1973.4,10131123,General Pattern option within a sketch causes circular reference issue - Legacy,DESIGN,SKETCHER,PATTERN
1973.4,10133561,Getting stock not found error after importing PLMXML,ROUTING_ELEC,CONNECTION_LIST,AUTO_ROUTE
1973.4,10134301,Images not valid alert when opening file,SYSENG,VISUALIZATION,RASTER_IMAGE
1973.4,10134554,ug_checkmate license does not check back IN immediately - 1953 Series specific,KDA,VALIDATION,FRAME_WORK
1973.4,10135279,Unable to set Value on property Synchronization Checksums,NXMANAGER,FILE_SAVE,FEATURE_PUBLISH
1973.4,10136292,NX: Linked Exterior - Internal Error Memory access violation,ASSEMBLIES,ASSEMBLY_MODEL,LINKED_EXTERIOR
1973.4,10136440,Measure Extreme Point disassociated after edit Linked Body,DESIGN,INFO_ANALYSIS,MEASURE
1973.4,10137413,Retained dimensions on file open,DRAFTING,ANNOTATION,CENTERLINE
1973.4,10139261,Intersection Curve Advance Curve Fit no longer displays the deviation,DESIGN,CURVE,ADV_CURVE_FIT
1973.4,10139611,Prog Die Edit Tooling Component performance issues,KDA,PROGRESSIVE_DIE,ALL
1973.4,10140402,Molded part validation not giving the correct results,KDA,MOLDED_PART_VAL,ALL
1973.4,10140726,TCIN NX Import into existing TC item with manual name change is truncated,TC_AE,UGMANAGER,CLONE
1973.4,10141126,"Save failed, input string too long, synchronization checksums",NXMANAGER,FILE_SAVE,FEATURE_PUBLISH
1973.4,10141447,User Defined Weld Segment Length is locked,KDA,WELD_ASSISTANT,USER_DEFINED
1973.4,10141559,Auto Route fails with Stock not Found,ROUTING_ELEC,CONNECTION_LIST,AUTO_ROUTE
1973.4,10147922,MW Meusburger Dowel E1302 fails to apply thread size after chamfer error,KDA,MOLDWIZARD,ALL
1973.4,10149479,Multiple Reference dimensions can't be edited at same time,DRAFTING,SETTINGS,DIMENSION
1973.4,10151563,Invalid Tag error from menu > Tools > Knowledge Fusion > Application,KDA,KNOW_FUSION,TC_ENGR_IMAN
1973.4,10151903,Convergent body is created by executing Check Regions,KDA,MOLDED_PART_VAL,ALL
1973.4,10152163,PreSelected Faces donot return proper count tag via NX Open in journal,SYSENG,UI_FRAMEWORK,ON_SCREEN
1973.4,10158985,Mold Wizard - Smart Screw - Update,KDA,PROGRESSIVE_DIE,ALL
1973.4,10160808,Mixed units Routing Ports display incorrect size,ROUTING_GENERAL,PREFERENCES,ROUTING
1973.4,10162087,"Unable to apply ""Only Value"" and ""Show as Reference Dimension"" option",DRAFTING,SETTINGS,DIMENSION
1973.4,10163254,The routing ports of legacy parts are too tinyбin NX1973 assembly context,ROUTING_GENERAL,PREFERENCES,ROUTING
1973.4,10177002,Internal error: memory access violation - Hole Series fails,DESIGN,FEATURE_MODEL,HOLE
Siemens NX 1973 Build 4001 (NX 1953 Series)
NX Continuous Release
Siemens PLM Softwarebegan delivering its NX software product using a Continuous Release methodology in January 2019. This delivery model gives customers faster access to new enhancements and quality improvements, while reducing the efforts needed to effectively deploy NX. WithNX Continuous Release,upgrading is fast, automated, and seamless. Upgrades with NX Continuous Release is independent of your current version while preserving your existing data - even data back from 1984. Siemens PLM customers in the Continuous Release main channel will see functional improvements every six months with monthly updates. The software updates themselves are smaller, so you no longer need to make large jumps between significant releases
Siemens becam the first major CAD/CAM/CAE vendorto deliver products in this way. NX is built on a modern software architecture, developed with a business focus on delivering new functionality while protecting customer data.
Experience NX Continuous Release
NX1953: NX TDP Automatic BOM Table enhancements
Siemens Digital Industriesis an innovation and technology leader in industrial automation and digitalization. In close cooperation with our partners and customers, we are the driving force for the digital transformation in the discrete and process industries.
Product:Siemens NX Continuous Release
Version:NX 1973 Build 4001 (NX 1953 Series) *
Supported Architectures:x64
Website Home Page :

Languages Supported:multilanguage
System Requirements:PC **
Size:16.4 Gb


Minimum Operating Systems
- Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit) Pro and Enterprise editions
Windows 10
Windows 10 is the minimum supported release for NX 1926. The supported versions of Windows 10 are the Pro and Enterprise editions utilizing Semi-Annual Channel (SAC) updates.
Windows 7 and 8.1
Windows 7 has reached the end of life and mainstream support has ended. Windows 8.1 is still supported by Microsoft, but was rarely deployed. These two versions of Windows are no longer supported by NX 1926. Siemens Digital Industries Software has not performed testing on these version and cannot resolve any issues related to NX 1926 running on these operating systems. If NX 1926 is deployed on these versions of Windows, any issues will have to be replicated on Windows 10 before filing an incident report with GTAC.
Windows XP and Vista
Windows XP support from Microsoft has ended and Vista was rarely deployed so these two versions of Windows are not supported by NX 1926. Siemens PLM Software has not performed testing on these versions and cannot resolve any issues related to NX 1926 running on these operating systems. If NX 1926 is deployed on these versions of Windows, any issues will have to be replicated on Windows 10 before filing an incident report with GTAC
Recommended System Configuration:
- 64-bit Windows 10 operating system
- 4 GB RAM minimum, 8 GB or 16 GB RAM recommended
- True Color (32-bit) or 16 million colors (24-bit)
- Screen Resolution: 1280 x 1024 or higher, widescreen format

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