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Scott Sonnon - Primal Stress (DVDRip)

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Scott Sonnon - Primal Stress (DVDRip)
Scott Sonnon - Primal Stress
DVDRips | MP4/isom, ~191 kb/s | 640x480 | Duration: 14 hours | English: AAC, 75 kb/s (2 ch) | + 5 PDF Guides | 2.4 GB
Genre: Sport, Health, Psychology and Behavior

Primal Stress, across 223 high definition color illustrated pages, details the most compelling rationale for how stress has come to impact our health and fitness, negatively, and what we can do to recover from that stress so that we can positively adapt to it. In the Revive section of the book, Primal Stress addresses the sum total stressors in our lives ? nutrition, hydration, exercise, occupational, vocational, relational, financial. Primal Stress then provides concrete, practical solutions to why you begin seeing results with your fitness, only to meet diminishing returns, plateau, regress, then aches, pains, injuries and even illnesses.
No other work has ever presented exercise science from the perspective of stress physiology like Primal Stress. If you?ve ever felt drained, blocked, pained and locked in your movement, then Primal Stress presents you with powerful tools for reclaiming access to the innate potential, the natural athlete, we were each born to become.

Primal Stress ends with program design outlines, exercise descriptions and detailed photographs of each movement in the Flow Physique course. This beautifully presented and professionally designed book details each step you must take, and how to chart your ongoing progress for ?Health-First Fitness.?

When you read its content, you will understand why what you?ve done in the past hasn?t worked as effectively as you wished, why you suffer the aches and pains that you?ve had, how you have been successful previously and how you can know when you are, and how to increase those successes systematically.

You can pinpoint your problems with a laser, or you can use a proven, organically-produced prehabilitation program which will not only free you from potential aches and pains of exercise, but also from the stressors of your other recreational activities and occupational responsibilities.Most of our energy remains locked in cold storage due to compression by excessive stress. These simple-to-perform movement drills decompress your joints, lubricate your inner ?fluid body? surrounding your bones and joints, and deliver nutrient-rich circulation to the tissues which are quite literally being starved to death due to overuse, misuse, and disuse.

When you practice this daily for 2-3 weeks, you will notice that your posture begins to improve, your energy start to increase, and your productivity accelerates. You?ll want to do more because you can not because you must.

Your awareness, coordination, and force production remain dormant until we use these simple movements to activate their potential like booting up a computer. If nothing else, the science underlying this program, and the practical application that you can easily follow along, will transform your quality of life.

You can use any one of the 7 instructional videos and 7 demonstration videos to target your high problem areas. Or you can use the total follow along video to comprehensively address your entire body for optimal daily performance.

Flow Physique is the most complete bodyweight fitness system ever released by RMAX, involving each of the most effective energy systems for primal power and grace. Where other programs in the past have concentrated on one or two of these protocols, in Flow Physique you encounter the entire ?Metabolic Wave? which has been proven at a federal level in government agencies to improve strength, endurance, stamina, and lean muscle mass better than prior methods.

You need no special equipment, as you will only be moving your own resistance. Regardless of where you are in your current movement fitness, you can begin and to continue to be challenged due to the signature ?Component Learning? approach embedded in the coaching: Three levels for each exercise, with a total of 102 exercises in the 6 programs, with 3 levels ? Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.

Each movement builds upon the other, and within several sessions, you will find yourself exploring the next level of an exercise. Jump an entire level, or step up in one exercise and step back in another, all within one session.

Flow Physique derives its name from moving like a living sculpture. All the precision chiseled features of ancient statues imply the potential which you can wield and the grace which you can carry when you restore and unleash flow in your movement. Uncover your physique of flow by following the step- by-step directions in the 18 instructional videos, and by participating across the plug and play 18 follow along videos.

The largest exercise course ever created by Scott Sonnon can be used at home, in the field, or within your own gym box: self-contained, completely portable, as you are your own gym. But more importantly, Flow Physique integrates two of the most powerful systems ever devised: TACFIT® and the Circular Strength Training® System.

More than a mere fusion of these two disciplines, Flow Physique represents a proven method of developing the powerful movement potential which you were genetically designed to express, which stress physiology and psycho-physiology are only now explaining, and which has proliferated throughout the world among cutting-edge researchers, scientists and coaches.

To Thrive, concentrate on your total movement, not your individual muscles, and move the body as a system rather than in segments. In this elegantly designed course of 6 micro-flows, you will address the primary (myofascial) ?lines? of movement:

1. Lateral Line Flow addressing the muscles you feel when you do a standing side bend.

2. Rear Line Flow addressing the muscles you feel when perform a forward bend.

3. Front Line Flow addressing the muscles you feel when performing a back bend.

4. Arm Line Flow involves the tissues you feel when stretching your arm behind your back and
across your chest.

5. Deep Core Flow involves the tissues you feel when twisting at the waist to the right and left.

6. Spiral Line Flow involves the tissues you feel rotate your arms and legs internally and externally while rotating at the waist.

Thrive owes its birth to the modern science of biotensegrity, created by Dr. Stephen Levin, credited as one of Scott Sonnon?s teachers. Our body involves a sea of continuous tension holding us together with sturdy struts pushing outward in balance. With these 6 micro-flows combined into one long flow, you activate your biologically optimal performance potential. Each of these individual components pair up with one of the 6 courses in the Flow Physique bodyweight exercise system. Taken as a whole combined, you will use them to expand your movement potential and recover from the intensity of exercise stress, like a flowing yoga routine.

The 6 protocols are carefully scheduled across turn-key, plug and play calendars where each day describes precisely your goals for the day.

Two additional manuals accompany the main book, the 99 page 4×7 Calendar Daily Journal, and the 141 page Week Calendar Daily Journal.

You will need absolutely no assembly required, as every day is detailed for you.

If you?re familiar with Scott Sonnon?s other work, he has invested his painstakingly meticulous signature in these journals. You will know precisely what to do next, how long, how often, and how many, and where to record your progress.

Then, in the uniquely designed scorecards, you?ll be able to track your exact percentage of improvement across the weeks and months of reclaiming your Flow Physique.

The forethought used in creating these elegant charts, cards and calendars evolved through years actual application across all fitness populations.

Scott Sonnon - Primal Stress (DVDRip)


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