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Luxology MODO 701 SP4 (MAC OSX / WiN)

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Luxology MODO 701 SP4 (MAC OSX / WiN)

Luxology MODO 701 SP4 (MAC OSX / WiN) | 399.4 mb

Luxology has officially launched MODO 701 - the latest entry into its 3D software, featuring significant enhancements to core functionality in the modelling, sculpting, animation, effects and rendering workflows.

MODO 701 highlights

- Procedural particle engine with an easy to use pre-set workflow
- Audio playback and a sound channel modifier, bringing animations to life
- Schematic improvements, reducing scene graph complexity
- Dedicated dynamics simulation layer, significantly improving performance
- Simplified complexity of materials and layered shaders
- Large scene performance improvements by as much as 175x
- Preview render synchronisation improvements, over 50x faster in large scenes
- New Python interpreter, making python execution many times faster
- Unlimited network rendering

The following list is a review of changes and corrections included in MODO 701 Service Pack 4:
Platform Specific OS X

Fixes slowdown on 10.9 due to forced redraws which are no longer required with 10.9 GM
Fixes bug where long strings wouldn't clip just characters that wouldn't fit in an edit field, but entire words
Fixes potential hang on shutdown in Network Rendering
Fixes bug where Space Navigator did not work properly on OS X, especially in cases with heavy scenes and or Preview navigation


Fixes potential crash when toggling light visibility
Fixes potential crash in edit field handling
Updates SolidWorks loader to SolidWorks 2014


Forces volume items to ignore Show Locators setting in GL
Fixes the size limitation of item tag commands
Change to make RGBA images behave more like a stencil effect, but in reverse, setting the stencil to 10 for alpha
Add support for new wireless Space Navigator 3d mouse model


Fixes potential hang when applying a morph to two items in item mode with an ACS rig applied

General Fixes

Fixes bug where the state of the "Replace Source" option of the clone effector did not always update correctly with the Mirror Generator tool
Fixes bug where duplicating items that are inside a folder would remove the item, setting it to parent:none
Fixes bug where pasting layers could break morph maps
Fixes bug where specular highlights on surfaces with Conserve Energy enabled were over bright
Fixes potential crash with CSG booleans
Fixes potential crash with audio waveforms when the audio start time exceeds the current animation time
Fixes potential crash with PSUB masks
Fixes potential crash with the Expression node when using vector variables
Fixes potential crash when trying to playback missing/unavailable audio files
Fixes potential crash with Bake Geometry Cache if the Shaders option was not enabled
Fixes bug where the Local Projection option on Texture Replicators didn't work
Fixes potential crash pasting a Shader onto itself in the shader tree
Fixes potential crash by preventing accidental deletion of the render item with pre-601 scenes
Fixes threading bug with PSUB UVs
Fixes potential crash editing the handles of a bezier spline after adding a point to it
Fixes potential crash when undoing after setting a 3d view to use a duplicated camera
Fixes bug where the Topology Pen pre-selection highlighting was not working correctly with referenced files
Fixes bug where wireframes for procedural items were drawing incorrectly in GL
Fixes bug where procedural surfaces did not respect viewport shading modes
Fixes potential crash with new car paint preset materials after adding them to the Shader tree library folder
Fixes bug where light pre-701 light presets were loading with an additional, incorrect light material
Fixes potential crash loading FLX images with Horizontal RLE encoding
Fixes bug where adding a morph map to an item could also affect background items
Fixes Updates Save Incremental to avoid overwrite of existing files
Fixes bug with pasting multiresolution vectors from a transformed mesh item
Fixes some cases of selection conversion from edges to polygons
Fixes potential crash copying and pasting shader tree layers onto other layers of the same type
Fixes bugs with dragging light items between scenes, where new default light materials were created and texture locators for textures on the lights were not transferred
Fixes potential crash when in-app license download encounters a server error
Fixes bug where the 'Import Groups as Separate Meshes' option was causing confusion. The option is now called 'Import OBJ Groups as Separate Meshes'
Fixes potential crash when opening the Material Editor after loading an image clip
Fixes bug where 'Center to Bounding Box Front/Left/Top/etc' only worked for Y-up coordinate systems
Fixes bug where curve extrude incorrectly created a closed shape after undoing
Fixes bug where selection conversion from Edges to Polygons or to Boundary could result in a bad selection
Fixes potential crash during render with tiled EXR images
Fixes bug where the sculpting mask baked from a path falloff using the Bake Falloff command would have 'jaggy' edges
Fixes texture anti-aliasing problem with animation
Fixes potential crash when baking to tiled EXR format
Fixes potential crash sculpting, undoing and then reverting the scene
Fixes potential crash when slicing a sculpted polygon
Fixes temporal aliasing issues on index based image file formats used in animation renders
Fixes OBJ export broken for locales which use commas instead of periods for decimal place
Fixes bug where preset loading was destroying the scene action parenting
Fixes gradient loading on pre-701 presets
Fixes bug where in some cases items could not be deleted if they belonged to groups
Fixes potential hang when parenting an assembly group's instance to the assembly group
Fixes potential crash toggling subDs on a mesh with deformers applied
Fixes bug where the IK solver could generate NaNs with tiny joint offsets
Fixes potential crash when making a New Image using the UV Mask Browser in the Image Ink settings
Fixes potential crash when deleting a macro script
Fixes potential crash when dragging a color swatch into an empty spot in the Color Picker
Fixes potential crash attempting to replace a preset thumbnail with a non-image file
Fixes potential crash when saving a brush preset with a long name
Fixes bug where geometry with a normal map would lose its displayed textures when manipulated
Fixes bug where select between would replace the current selection in the UV view
Fixes bug where render passes created from a script were not saving correctly in the Modo scene
Fixes actions for channel-only actors
Fixes bug where dragging and dropping environment presets that have shaders for items other than environment items was broken
Fixes memory corruption with attributes, possibly responsible for various random crashes
Fixes potential crash deleting a mesh with fur guides in it with Preview open
Fixes potential crash changing a Substance item to a different item type
Fixes potential crash when loading a UV Mask Image into Image Ink when a brush is selected
Fixes potential crash when deleting an item from the context menu in a RayGL viewport
Fixes render error "Unable to save the rendered image" in Preview
Fixes Preset drag and drop to avoid replacing existing item masks on previously loaded presets, which broke preset drag and drop workflows in some cases


Fixes lxu_attributeshpp|cpp for notifiers and form command lists
Fixes endless loop when using ILxUIValueHints to define notifiers in a basic_Command
Adds GradientFilter wrappers
Adds missing projects to VS2010 sample

FBX 2013

Adds support for exporting animation for actors that only have channels
Adds import and export support for polygon sets and selection sets
Adds ASCII export option
Adds scene name to FbxDocumentInfo on export
Adds animation sample rate option on import
Adds export support for morph maps (relative and absolute)
Adds export support for vertex color maps (RGB & RGBA)
Adds import and export support for multiple vertex color maps
Adds import and export support for mesh smoothness (vertex/edge crease info)
Fixes camera and light transform import/export issues Adds export support for camera targets
Adds item visibility import/export
Adds export support for static meshes
Adds import/export support for instances
Adds bind pose import/export for multiple characters
Updates quaternion to Euler conversion to support singularities
Adds initial support for items that already exist in a scene
Fixes potential crashes dragging FBX files containing DOTA2 skeletons into a new scene
Adds support for exporting the UV rotation matrix from a texture locator
Adds custom message dialog display
Adds message warning and error counters
Adds error and warning output to master log Changes some of the error reporting for fatal errors
Fixes issues with importing layered textures and adds support for exporting them
Fixes bug which was causing flips in rotation on export
Turns off the constant key reducing code due to a bug
Turns off constant key reduction during animation sampling in the loader, as it was producing incorrect animation curves
Fixes bug in animation export where the last key in the time range wasn't exported
Fixes bug with the incorrect morph influence strength being exported
Morph influences (as locators) are no longer exported Special MorphGroup and TextureGroup locators are not exported, but are automatically generated on import, if needed
Adds import and export support for Render Camera and frame resolution
Fixes incorrect camera export with FBX
Export mesh smoothness only if there are PSUB polygons in the mesh (to make the 2013 export consistent with the 2010 plugin)
Fixes an issue with exporting influence weights removes the FBX Name channel
Fixes error in Euler angle conversion on export causing incorrect item rotation for some scenes
About Luxology / The Foundry

Based in Mountain View, Calif., Luxology® is a technology company developing next generation 3D content creation software that enhances productivity via artist-friendly tools powered by a modern underlying architecture called Nexus®.

Founded in 2001, by Allen Hastings, Stuart Ferguson and Brad Peebler, Luxology is home to some of the top 3D engineering expertise in the computer graphics industry.

Luxology's MODO is at the centre of an active global user community producing models, images and animations of the highest quality. Luxology's rendering technology is under licence to Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corporation and Bentley Systems, Incorporated.

In September 2012, The Foundry merged with Luxology. Together they develop award-winning computer graphics and visual effects (VFX) software used globally by leading artists and designers. The portfolio lets users create inspiring and technical high-end visuals across a wide range of industries including film, TV, commercial and games, as well as the CAD, design and architecture markets.

The Foundry has a stable of award-winning 2D and 3D VFX software including its industry standard compositor NUKE.

Name: Luxology Modo
Version: 701 SP4

Interface: english
OS: Windows / MacOsx
Size: 399.4 mb

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