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Graphisoft ArchiCAD 17 (64bit) Hotfix 4 Build 5005

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Graphisoft ArchiCAD 17 (64bit) Hotfix 4 Build 5005

Graphisoft ArchiCAD 17 (64bit) Hotfix 4 Build 5005 | 259.1 mb

This Hotfix fixes a large number of ArchiCAD 17 bugs. Many frequent crashes, Energy Evaluation miscalculations, BIMx bugs, editing problems have been solved.
162393 DOCUMENT: Full layouts and sections of particular projects could become rotated. You can read more about the issue here: http://www.archicadwiki.com/Troubleshooting/RotatedLayoutsSections
164080 DOCUMENT: If in the Work Environment the User Preference Schemes -> More Options -> Do not launch new instance of ArchiCAD when placing a view onto Layout setting was checked, drawings could not be placed, only an empty frame appeared.
165550 DOCUMENT: Interactive Schedule didn't show the Integer value list properly.
160250 DOCUMENT: mulitplane roof pitch was not listed properly.
143997 DOCUMENT: Particular symbol fill could cause large PDF file.
158237 DOCUMENT: PDF saved on Windows and opened in Preview on a MAC (or placed into ArchiCad) rendered unreadable text with faulty tracking. Read more about the issue here: http://www.archicadwiki.com/Troubleshooting/UnreadablePdf
166656 DOCUMENT: Rendered image could be black in Lightworks, if 3D Cutaway blocked Sun and Sky objects.
159404 DOCUMENT: Reviewer did notwork with newer Java applets.
159411 DOCUMENT: Some Master Layouts hid Elements with New Renovation Status.
148152 DOCUMENT: When listing objects in Interactive Schedule there was no criteria referring the Zone that they were placed in.
158118 DOCUMENT: Zones which were overridden by renovation and MVO lost their renovation override style in the saved and printed pdf.
163334 EDIT: Align Texture was working erroneously with curved and slanted beams.
163331 EDIT: Aling Texture's Set Origin worked erroneously on curved walls.
158581 EDIT: Changed IFC properties weren't kept when saving a Favorite from the Element.
161572 EDIT: After copy-pasting Story-linked elements to the upmost story, they loose their linked status.
161862 EDIT: Crash could occur when adjusting Editing plane.
165558 EDIT: Editing a mesh could cause crash.
165270 EDIT: First floor could not be selected as scheduling criteria in the following language versions: CZE, CHI, JPN, NOR, RUS, USA
164347 EDIT: Force Guide Line command didn't work with the Door, Window tools.
161123, 162933 EDIT: If a parameter of an object was changed in section or elevation view, when switched to another section/elevation view the object would not be updated.
160818 EDIT: If Resize command was used repeatedly to modify an element, Resize ratio values once set were not retained in the element's pop-up window.
164149 EDIT: If you mirror a fill with the Area text display on then after editing the mirrored fill the area text got dispositioned.
163894 EDIT: In section selecting and changing grouped elements did not have an effect on the invisible elements.
165052 EDIT: Placing Doors and Windows Using Special Snap Constraint went wrong when guide line was active.
162129 EDIT: Position of a traced detail on another detail view could be inconsistent.
157406 EDIT: Status of zones with geometry method changed from "Manual" to "Inner Edge" were incorrect and they couldn't be updated.
160927 EDIT: Surface renovation override did not work for Morph.
163783 EDIT: Updating zones could cause crash in certain situations.
160814 EDIT: When heights of hotspots of mesh were edited one after the other the last used command were not retained by Pet Palette.
160310, 163982 EDIT: Windows with Custom Corner and Corner Windows were not placed where the first feedback showed.
163889 EDIT: Could not paste rich text or figure into ArchiCAD.
159768 ENERGY EVALUATION: Central Boiler Unmet Load Hours was erroneously calculated under certain circumstances.
161508 ENERGY EVALUATION: Cooling's and Ventilation's auxiliary system data were missing from Report.xls.
160025 ENERGY EVALUATION: Default system characteristics of a new cooling machine were wrong.
165033 ENERGY EVALUATION: Discrepancy could appear in solar radiation percentage of openings.
165218 ENERGY EVALUATION: Energy Evaluation calculation didn't finish and an error message appeared.
160923 ENERGY EVALUATION: In particular files sewage calculation was wrong if Local Heat Pump was used for Service Hot Water Generation.
162053 ENERGY EVALUATION: Service Hot Water Heating and Sewage didn't appear on the Energy Balance in certain circumstances.
159888 ENERGY EVALUATION: Setting BoilerSystem -> Heat Loss value could cause erroneous efects on the simulation result.
165258 ENERGY EVALUATION: Solar absorptance unit was missing in case of Tree View
166044 ENERGY EVALUATION: Switching between radio buttons on the Climate Data dialog could crash ArchiCAD.
161037 ENERGY EVALUATION: The Cooling quantity in the report didn't match with the quantity in the xls.
161507 ENERGY EVALUATION: The Target of the Renewable Energy Source was missing from the 2nd and 3rd bar charts of the Report.PDF's Energy Consumption by Sources chapter, if Heat Pump or Solar collector is used for heating.
163880 ENERGY EVALUATION: Warning message could appear in Energy evaluation because some polygons weren't segmented.
161509 ENERGY EVALUATION: With particular file Auxiliary Electricity appears on Report.pdf if District Cooling was used.
160058 ENERGY EVALUATION: With particular file Central Cooling Machine was unable to meet cooling demand, even with maximum capacity.
161589 ENERGY EVALUATION: With particular file Cooling Energy Quantity was wrong in the Energy Consumption chapters of the Report.pdf.
160922 ENERGY EVALUATION: With particular file Energy Consumption calculation of Heat Pumps used for Service Hot Water Heating was wrong.
161454 ENERGY EVALUATION: With particular file Energy source and target quantities were wrong on Report.pdf if cooling machine was used.
161465 ENERGY EVALUATION: With particular file Peak Cooling data was wrong on Report.pdf if cooling machine was used.
161489 ENERGY EVALUATION: With particular file Primary Energy calculation of heat pump for heating was wrong.
160944 ENERGY EVALUATION: With particular file Sewage calculation was wrong if Central Heat Pump was used for Service Hot Water Generation.
162001 ENERGY EVALUATION: With particular file Solar Collector Type setting had no effect on calculation.
163905 FILE/DWG/EXPORT/ÖNORM: Only attributes with values were exported to DWG.
163928 FILE/DWG/EXPORT/ÖNORM: Text settings of zones' text blocks were lost.
163191 FILE/DWG/EXPORT: A specific combination of template and translator settings caused DWG export to resulte in a 0kb faulty DWG file.
165560 FILE/DWG/IMPORT: Relinking, opening DWG could cause crash.
159637 FILE/EXPORT/PDF: Trace Reference wasn't exported to PDF if Rotated Orientation was set and there were Elements far from Origin.
164938 FILE/EXPORT/SKETCHUP: Usage of national characters in the add-ons directory resulted in the export of a 0 kb sketchup file.
164496 FILE/IFC: Improved export and import of large models.
159569 FILE/IFC/EXPORT: Element quantities can be exported into custom properties. Read more about this here: http://www.archicadwiki.com/RegistryKeys/ArchiCADQuantities
162596 FILE/IFC/EXPORT: IFC Quantities 'GrossFloorArea' and 'NetFloorArea' were switched upon IFC export.
143209 FILE/IFC/EXPORT: Openings with slanted reveal might look incorrect in IFC.
161549 FILE/IFC/EXPORT: Warning message that "Some elements could not be exported due to missing geometry" appeared after exporting empty openings.
163271 FILE/IFC/IMPORT: After importing a particular IFC file 2D symbol of doors were missing and viewing their settings brought up error message.
165612 FILE/IFC/IMPORT: If the column settings in the default template had a veneer, IFC imported columns would inherit this veneer.
147046 FILE/IFC/IMPORT: Wall niche became an opening when imported into ArchiCAD.
161699 FILE/MIGRATION: After migrating a file containing elements very far from the origin the coordinates of elements could double.
165203 FREEZE: A mouse clicked in certain regions close to a spline could make ArchiCAD unresponsive.
163057 FREEZE: Non-responsive behaviour occurred when background processing of 3d elements refused to allow user interaction.
160731 FREEZE: On Mac ArchiCAD seemed to be freezing due to the fact that the publishing window came back behind the main ArchiCAD window after switching between applications.
163391 GDL: CALL function couldn't be rebuild, when it was used for macro name.
163963 HOTLINK: Hotlink update did not work with particular file.
161479 HOTLINK: In the Host file Hotlinked Zones weren't scheduled properly. Several Zone parameters appeared to be 0 instead of the real value.
161045 HOTLINK/LIBRARY HANDLING: Deleted or broken Hotlink's Embedded library couldn't be removed from the Host file.
163791 INSTALL: Hotfix or additional installations could only be made by the same user who had installed ArchiCAD because limted permission of the newly created folders.
163409 MODEL: After deleting a wall and then undoing the operation the original intersection geometry with a roof was not restored.
157576 MODEL: Align 3D command didn't work on polygonal Walls.
161498 MODEL: Align 3D Texture commands had no effect on Beams.
162032 MODEL: Checking and correcting code was added to better handle 3D junction data.
161832 MODEL: Curved beams didn't cut walls.
163209 MODEL: Sun and sky objects did not work with marquee.
165856 MODEL: textures with alpha channel appeared incorrectly with black patches on OS X 10.9 Mavericks.
165619 MODEL: When a Wall-end was placed with a height parameter lower then the floor cut plane, window related error message erroneously appeared.
156754 SPEED: Slowdown or freeze could happen while having multiple ArchiCAD instances running side by side.
164880 TEAMWORK: Changing Elevation Dimension' level wasn't send to the server, thus different teammates could see different Dimensions.
165880 TEAMWORK: In special cases level dimensions could be sources of Teamwork join errors
159171 TEAMWORK: Project backups created with previous versions could not be imported in BIM Server Manager
161576 TEAMWORK: There were GDL elements that could make a file sharable, but not joinable.
162760 TEAMWORK/EDIT: Composites could be edited while not reserved in TW.
160546 TEAMWORK/FREEZE: If many people were active in a teamwork project, one viewer of an Interactive Schedules could experience erratic scrolling and/or non-responsive behavior.
156759 USER INTERFACE: Navigating in 2D using 3Dconnexion Space Navigator worked in wrong direction.
165663 USER INTERFACE: When using ArchiCAD on two displays palettes with left side title bar could get inaccessible on MAC OS X 10.9 after dragging them to the border area between two displays.
The hotfix applies to ArchiCAD, BIM Server and all other components: BIM Server Manager, BIMx, MEP Modeler and all GRAPHISOFT-distributed Add-Ons and Goodies.


GRAPHISOFT ignited the BIM revolution with ArchiCAD, the industry first BIM software for architects. GRAPHISOFT continues to lead the industry with innovative solutions such as the revolutionary GRAPHISOFT BIM Server, the world's first real-time BIM collaboration environment, and the GRAPHISOFT EcoDesigner, the world's first fully integrated building energy modeling application. GRAPHISOFT's innovative solutions have fundamentally changed the way architects around the world design and collaborate. GRAPHISOFT has been a part of the Nemetschek Group since its acquisition in 2007.

Name: Graphisoft ArchiCAD
Version: 17 (64bit) Hotfix 4 Build 5005
Home: www.graphisoft.com
Interface: english
OS: Windows XP / Vista / Seven
System Requirements: preinstall Graphisoft ArchiCAD 17
Size: 259.1 mb

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