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LearnVisualStudio.net-VCS2010 Days 1 To 7

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LearnVisualStudio.net-VCS2010 Days 1 To 7

[b]LearnVisualStudio.net-VCS2010 Days 1 To 7[/b]
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Start here! This series provides the aspiring C# developer a comprehensive experience with the language and concepts associated with the.NET Framework demonstrated with the latest FREE version of Visual Studio called Visual C# 2010 Express Edition.

By watching 11 hours of fun, personalized video lectures and the associated homework each day, you will have a firm grasp on the basics of both C# and creating SQL Server databases. The creative hands on exercises re-enforce the lessons learned each day.

Each day builds on the topics learned previously and will take someone with no programming knowledge at all to the point where they can build simple applications utilizing Object Oriented Programming principles with inheritance and polymorphism, understand a simple UML Class Diagram and implement that design in code, build normalized relational databases, and use T-SQL to query and update the data.

Day 1
VCS2010_01_01 – Visual C# 2010 Express Edition Installation on Windows 7
VCS2010_01_02 – Building your First Application in C#
VCS2010_01_03 – Dissecting the First Application you Wrote in C#
VCS2010_01_04 – Visual Studio IDE Overview Day 1: General Overview
VCS2010_01_05 – Declaring Variables and Assigning Values
VCS2010_01_06 – Commenting Code
VCS2010_01_07 – Accepting Input in Command Line Applications
VCS2010_01_08 – The if Decision Statement
VCS2010_01_09 – Variable Scope
VCS2010_01_Homework – Day 1 Homework
VCS2010_01_Solution – Day 1 Homework Solution

Day 2[b]
VCS2010_02_01 – Introduction to the.NET Framework
VCS2010_02_02 – Operators, Expressions and Statements
VCS2010_02_03 – More About Data Types
VCS2010_02_04 – More Decision Statements – Switch Statement and Conditional Operator
VCS2010_02_05 – for Iterations
VCS2010_02_06 – while Iterations and Reading Data from a Text File
VCS2010_02_07 – Arrays
VCS2010_02_08 – Visual Studio IDE Overview Day 2: Debugging Tools
VCS2010_02_Homework – Day 2 Homework
VCS2010_02_Solution – Day 2 Homework Solution

[b] Day 3
VCS2010_03_01 – Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
VCS2010_03_02 – Methods
VCS2010_03_03 – Fields and Properties
VCS2010_03_04 – Understanding Instantiation with the new Operator
VCS2010_03_05 – Accessibility Modifiers
VCS2010_03_06 – Object Associations: Aggregation and Containment
VCS2010_03_07 – Visual Studio IDE Overview Day 3: Code Snippets, Managing Tabs, Intermediate Window
VCS2010_03_08 – Introduction to UML and Class Diagrams
VCS2010_03_Homework – Day 3 Homework
VCS2010_03_Solution – Day 3 Homework Solution

Day 4
VCS2010_04_01 – Introduction to Inheritance
VCS2010_04_02 – Overriding Methods on the Base Classes
VCS2010_04_03 – Constructors
VCS2010_04_04 – Overloading Methods
VCS2010_04_05 – Static Methods, Properties and Classes
VCS2010_04_06 – Auto Implemented Properties
VCS2010_04_07 – More UML Class Diagrams: Inheritance and Interfaces
VCS2010_04_08 – Visual Studio IDE Overview Day 4: Navigating Through Code
VCS2010_04_09 – Enumerations
VCS2010_04_Homework – Day 4 Homework
VCS2010_04_Solution – Day 4 Homework Solution

Day 5
VCS2010_05_01 – Arrays and Collections of Objects
VCS2010_05_02 – Generics Collections
VCS2010_05_03 – Polymorphism via Inheritance
VCS2010_05_04 – Polymorphism via Abstract Classes
VCS2010_05_05 – Polymorphism via Interfaces
VCS2010_05_06 – More about Polymorphism via Interfaces
VCS2010_05_07 – Visual Studio IDE Overview Day 5: Implementing Interfaces, Defining Regions
VCS2010_05_08 – More UML Class Diagrams: Interfaces and Abstract
VCS2010_05_Homework – Day 5 Homework
VCS2010_05_Solution – Day 5 Solution

Day 6
VCS2010_06_01 – Introduction to Relational Databases and SQL Server
VCS2010_06_02 – Creating Your First Database and Tables
VCS2010_06_03 – SQL Server Data Types and Constraints
VCS2010_06_04 – Relating Two Tables Together and Defining a Constraint
VCS2010_06_05 – Understanding Basic Relational Database Normalization
VCS2010_06_06 – Visual Studio IDE Overview Day 6: Built-In Database Tools
VCS2010_06_Homework – Day 6 Homework
VCS2010_06_Solution – Day 6 Homework Solution

Day 7
VCS2010_07_01 – Installing SQL Server Management Studio Express
VCS2010_07_02 – Setting Up Your Database by Running a Script File
VCS2010_07_02_Sidebar – Bonus: Creating Test Data and Scripting Tables & Data using Third-Party Tools
VCS2010_07_03 – SELECTing Data using Transact SQL
VCS2010_07_04 – INSERTing Data into Tables using T-SQL
VCS2010_07_05 – UPDATE-ing Data using T-SQL
VCS2010_07_06 – DELETE-ing Data using T-SQL
VCS2010_07_07 – T-SQL WHERE Clause Options
VCS2010_07_08 – T-SQL Ordering Statements and TOP Keyword
VCS2010_07_09 – T-SQL Inner Join Statements
VCS2010_07_Homework – Day 7 Homework
VCS2010_07_Solution – Day 7 Homework Solution

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