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Jeneth Blackert - Crazy Rich Free [1 CD - 32 MP3s]

Category: Tutorials

Jeneth Blackert - Crazy Rich Free [1 CD - 32 MP3s]
Jeneth Blackert - Crazy Rich Free [1 CD - 32 MP3s]
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Christie Marie Sheldon
Wealth Consciousness: What's holding you back from wealth?
Here's the topics we covered:
• What's holding you back from more money and wealth?
• How does Energy Clearing work?
• How can it work for you?
• How much are your WEALTH blocks costing you?
• How to make a FAST change!
• SHOCKING client Wealth Consciousness stories!
• Clear heavy-lie energy out of your body for greater vibrational living.

Kenji Kumara
The "Magic and Miracles of Money"
Get your energy *tuned* for wealth with his amazing energetic activation and attunement.
Here's the topics we covered:
• Money as the reflection of your beliefs and self esteem (Religion, parents, culture, past lives)
• Who's life are you leading, anyway?
• Giving up the why and how of your financial situation
The call will include a "evergreen and organic 25-30 minute activation" and initiation deep within the Quantum, followed by sharing.
Note: The silent part of the activation (about 7-10 minutes) allows you to deeply receive your connection and solution, vibrationally and energetically.

Dana Wilde
Train Your Brain
On this call, we'll cover:
• Do you love what you are creating, but you'd like it to grow faster?
Discover how to leverage the power of your mind and take Intentional and Aligned Action to create fast change quickly and easily. Dana Wilde has grown two businesses from zero to a million dollars a year in under 19 months and now she teaches others how to do the same.

Tellman Knudson
Million Dollar Habits
Here's what we discussed on this call:
Tellman Knudson explains the limitless power of Hypnosis and how you can use it to re-program your brain to start thinking, acting and behaving like the wealthier version of yourself. Learn power-packed mind techniques to super-charge your Financial Abundance to make more money and plug into your Personal Prosperity!
If you're like most people then you think you can't be Hypnotized - Tellman will talk about how to use Hypnosis to Hypnotize Yourself Wealthy - even if you've never been Hypnotized before - or if Hypnotists have been unable to Hypnotize you successfully in the past.
Most people have only used it to lose weight, quit smoking or De-Stress but Tellman discovered a handful of power-packed mind techniques to super-charge your Financial Abundance to make more money and plug into your Personal Prosperity in all your business and money-making activities.
Your Inner Millionaire is locked inside your Sub-Conscious and Tellman has found the key. Prepare for a financially life-changing call - this is going to be incredible!

Sheri and Sheldon
Letting Go Project
Here's the topics we covered:
• Why Accepting the Present Is Crucial or You Stay Stuck
• How to Change Patterns Quickly
• How to Use the Power of Forgiveness
• Why the Environment Affects Your Ability to Transition
• And much more!
Learn how to "lean" into transitions so you will no longer try to force yourself to just be happy but instead you will move forward and do the work to get to the magical life you can have on the other side of many of life's transitions. Sheri will share five ways you can begin to use your body, mind, and soul as you move through your life and transform.

Mas Sajady
Becoming Limitless
Mas Sajady talks about Spontaneous Healing and Oneness!
Here's the topics we covered:
• Whatever is going it can be changed energetically!
• Bring yourself as you are and Mas will intuitively taps into your blocks and clear them.
• Experience this dynamic energy healing process for yourself!
During this call, you'll experience a potent and powerful energetic process and individual readings and healings!

Jeneth Blackert
Accelerated Wealth Flow
Here's what we covered:
This call is simply about BEING IN THE FLOW and BEING Crazy Rich and Free.
Now, tell me... what's keeping you from creating in this beautiful land of conscious flow? I know you may have just thought, "Nothing!" But is that true? Does money, joy, love, come to you in fast furious abundance? And what energy can WE BE together this Thursday to change that?
You can ask anything... from money to business to getting unstuck to rocketing you into a new land of spaciousness? There are no limits in my world! Ask anything - seriously!
Tell me what's keeping your from being Crazy, Rich and Free to be all you can be? And let's see what FAST change we can make.

Mahendra Trivedi
The One Thing that Transforms Everything
Here's the topics we covered:
• Increased the yield of crops up to 500% with no chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides.
• Converted cancer cells to non-cancerous cells in rigorous laboratory experiments.
• Reduced the viral load of HIV and Hepatitis B and C viruses by up to 99.8%, in vitro.
• Strengthened the composition of metals and chemicals on the atomic level.

Cory Michelle
Receiving Wealth
What is receiving all about?
• Have you been wondering how to get better at receiving?
• Are you curious about how some people seem to make look so easy and be great receivers?
• Do you get frustrated as you try to balance the BEing and the DOing in your life?
• Do you wonder how to allow and be in action to create the live you most desire?
Join Jeneth and Cory Michelle as they dive into the advanced principals of receiving. They have some really great secrets to share with you.
Cory Michelle has an elegance with energy and space, her intuitive sense dives into the depth of an issue to unlock it in seemingly non related places that result in total life change. She is playful, fun and of course juicy, breaks the rules of your traditional business coach and helps you achieve the life you came to live, juice and all.

Tristan Truscott
The Satori Method
Here's the topics we covered:
Naturally super-charge every cell in your body, in just 10 minutes!
It takes just minutes to create a resonate energy with Chi to attract your desires and a whole lot more.
In this life-changing interview we show you how to tap into the awesome force of magical "Chi" energy and focus it for a purpose - attracting whatever you desire into your life such as more health, strength, greater prosperity and spiritual wisdom.

Mashhur Anam
Holographic Transformation: Access the Matrix of Creation!
Here's what we covered:
• Changing the barriers to being in the resonant frequency
• Creating a new holographic frequency and be the energy to change our reality
• Working on all levels from changing emotions to finding love and changing your health
• Learning the powers of Holographic Transformation and Harmonic Resonance

Sandy Zeldes
Ending Food Obsession
This is what we covered in the interview:
• Identify and release the most common "invisible barriers" to losing weight and feeling fabulous in your body.
• Know why will power doesn't work when it comes to losing weight permanently.
• Short-circuit any attack of self-criticism and turn it into an opportunity to nourish yourself at a deep level.
• Transform your body image from the inside out and end any and all emotional eating.

Debbie Delgado
Rut to Riches for Business
Here's the topics we covered:
• Boost your credibility and set your business up for escalating financial growth.
• Sell your products and services at a higher rate (for the money that you're really worth!).
• Shorten your sales cycle and keep your profit moving in faster.
• Build your solid reputation as THE expert in your industry.

Lisa Barnett
Akashic Knowing
Here's what we covered:
• An easy way we can easily clear Karma and get un-stuck
• You'll receive healing and clear from the Akashic Masters during the call
• Contracts that you have with people; how we make them and how to know when they're complete
• Reclaim past life information on the show to help align you with your Soul purpose

Dawn Clark
Repairing Core Fractures
Here's the topics we covered:
Core fractures are created by the events in our life that break our trust, or leave us feeling betrayed, abandoned, or victimized. But they can be healed! Core fractures are created by the events in our life that break our trust, or leave us feeling betrayed, abandoned, or victimized. But they can be healed!
Thankfully we don't have to be stuck living the rest of our lives with these damaging emotions holding us back!
Are you ready to break free?

Dr. Dain Heer
Beyond Limitations: Creating Beyond This Reality
Find out why I call Dain *My Secret Weapon*.
We talked about semantics, money, the matrix, limitation and so much more.
Here's the topics we covered:
• The keys to joyful living and true wealth
• Unlock the gift of being in a body during this time on planet earth
• BE introduced to a totally different way of functioning with your body and the capacities it has to co-create with you from the space of being

Ann Taylor
Healing Negative Memories
Here's what we talked about on this call:
• Experience Ann's Amazing Healing Gifts
• You'll Heal Your Worry and Your Negative Thoughts About Money (Through Lineages)
• You'll Heal Your Negative Memories
• You'll Create Greater Inner Strength and Resilience

Kelly O’Neil
Marketing to Millionaires
The truth and myths of how and why the affluent make purchasing decisions so you can align your business to serve them.
Here's the topics we covered on this call:
• Why marketing to the affluent is SO different and 5 key strategies to MASTER IT!
• The #1 action you MUST take BEFORE you spend a dime on marketing.
• The three things affluent clients will pay almost anything for!
• How to turn your affluent customers into raging fans that build your business for you.

Margaret Lynch
Shatter your Wealth Glass Ceiling
Here's what we discussed on this call:
• The Keys You Must Use To Shatter The "Inner Glass Ceiling" To Your Wealth and Money Manifesting.
• The # 1 thing that stops very talented, heart centered people from getting the income and wealth they truly desire - even when they are working very hard.

Derek Rydall
Awakened Wealth
Here's what we talked about on this call:
• The 7 gifts that give you everything
• The great universal reversal
• The universal betrayal
• The greatest money myth
• The real cause of debt

Carla O’Brien
Radical Productivity
Carla talks about the Radical Productivity (and the energetics behind *doing*!)
There is no other coach like Carla that brings in energetic work, vast life experience, coach trainings, experiential offerings, and a deep intimate understanding to what it?s like to be different.
She sees herself as the bridge between all of you and getting things done in the "normal world" with ease. She lives and accomplishes with her own scattered brilliant mind to create new, never been done before, ways of getting you to your productivity.
It is powerful, practical, and actually quite uplifting and fun!

Ali Brown
Marketing Masterclass
You may know Ali from the hit ABC primetime series, Secret Millionaire, but I know Ali as one of the best original online marketing teachers out there.
On this call we discussed:
• The super-simple trick we started using on Facebook
• 5 ways that I use and then RECYCLE content I've already created
• The ONE easy thing I do that fetches powerful testimonials
• The SINGLE fresh strategy that has increased my COACHING and product sales
Instead of just teaching general strategies, Ali's going to share with us some things she's kept "close to the vest" over the past year. She's going to peel back the curtain and show you what her team does behind-the-scenes. And share with you several select strategies they have used to dramatically improve their marketing results this year.

Jeneth Blackert
Falling Into YOU and Grow Phenomenal Wealth
On this call, you'll learn:
• advanced secrets and symbols to getting out of doubt
• 3 clearing codes to start shining now
• the #1 way to access change outside the entanglements
• secrets to creating through consciousness.
• how to receive with greater ease, joy and flow.
• how to perceive a greater level of awareness, intuition and oneness.
• using questions to expand your awareness, money and wealth
• keys to following the flow to create the NEW YOU

Curry Glassell
I’m Rich and Getting Richer
Are you sick and tired of watching how others live and play with money... while you see more LACK and bills piling up?
Let's TALK!!!!
Here's the topics we covered:
• What if changing your entire financial reality could be easy and joyful?
• Are you poor or are you simply unaware of how rich you truly are?
• Do you have gratitude for your life?
• What would it take to have more consciousness around Money?
Have you ever noticed when you are in the presence / vibration of someone that has a lot of money and wealth you feel abundant? Curry is a woman who teaches and understands the vibration of wealth!

Dr. Daniel Amen
Unleash the Power Within
Here's what we discussed on this call:
• Change your Brain, Change your Life.
• How Brain imaging can change paradigms and our understanding of healthy life, no matter where we live.
• Revelations based on studying 63,000 brain images across 90 countries over 20 years.
He's truly a man that's changing the world.
We talked about how food, meditation and other energetic factors accepts the brain and how it can change your life!
Physician, psychiatrist, and teacher, Daniel Amen, MD, is one of the world's foremost experts on applying brain imaging science to clinical psychiatric practice. He is widely regarded as a gifted teacher, taking complex brain science concepts to make them easily accessible to other professionals and the general public.

Tana Amen
The Omni Diet
The Omni Diet is about abundance not deprivation!
This revolutionary diet offers three, two-week phases, followed by a maintenance plan, including delicious recipes and important advice, such as how to mimic longevity-inducing calorie restriction without drastically cutting calories.
She's A Warrior for LIFE CHANGING Health! Hear her remarkable stories, to healing her body from cancer.

Glenyce Hughes
Vibrational Alignment
Here's the topics we covered:
• Explanation of what a team of beings from the light is and how to connect with them
• How your team can assist you in creating money as if by magic
• Glenyce will do a vibrational alignment for the listeners
• Phenomenal success stories
Glenyce is a medium and her inspiring work has been featured on Canadian Television Morning Show, NewCap Around the Region TV, various radio programs and she writes a regular column for PURE Magazine, along with various other magazines. She is also the host of Living in the Magic of Possibilities, on the Empowerment Channel on Voice America.

Jennifer Larkin
Effortless Abundance: 7 Secrets to Limitless Living
Here's the topics we covered:
• How to Be Vibrationally Compatible with Tons of Money, Wealth and Luxury
• Asking is not always receiving (and how to make it so)
• How to check and change your current vibrational level
• Quick and easy steps to Raise Your Vibes
• Phenomenal success stories
She's considered a New Thought Leader as a Performance Optimization Specialist and Consciousness Coach. She has been facilitating business owners, creative professionals and sports men and women to achieve their greatest ambitions for over 25 years and has gained the reputation with clients for achieving massive results in short periods of time.

Dada Nabhaniilananda
Money, Meditation and Conscious Evolution
We talked about monk life, infinite love and the conscious evolution! You'll love the energy behind the 'change the world' movement he's starting.
Here's some of the things we spoke about:
"I use mantras, music and meditation to help people find that place within themselves that lends meaning to everything else."
"For me this is the real magic, the kind that changes peoples hearts."
"I'd like to invite you to join me on this journey to discover the source of universal love." - Dada

Noah St. John
Pow! Change w/ that New Question
Ready to say GO! Meet Noah!
The result people get when they start asking this new kind of questions is extraordinary!
If you've made that DEMAND to CHANGE you will want to join Noah St. John and me this Thursday! He's absolutely extraordinary at getting people to say YES to them! He's movement around power habits and POW change focuses on a DIFFERENT KIND OF QUESTION and QUESTIONS! If you haven't been introduced to Noah -- please join us.

Jeneth Blackert
7 Secret Clearing Codes to Money Energy and Your Money Vibe!
"Can you imagine having an uncontrolled sexy relationship with money? What would that be like? What if that is possible - and you can allow it?"
On this call you'll:
• Change your polar and emotional charges with it comes to money and wealth creation
• Enjoy having an uncontrolled sexy relationship with money
• Clear your unconscious feelings blame, shame, regret and shopping / spending guilt around money spending and receiving
• Stop your addictive behaviors to lack - once and for all
• Turn "emotional money gunk" into a real way of being with utilizing this...
This will be a different type of call with a different type of activation it kicks off Carla Detchon's Inner Diva Revolution!
This speaker series, geared towards women, dives deep to give you the insider's scoop on healthier relationships, overflowing abundance, a deeper spiritual connection as well as ways to be a more powerful, more tuned in, more turned on, happier, healthier, more vibrant woman.
Now who couldn't use a little more of that in your hectic, busy life?

Susan Shumsky
Ghosts, Auras and Realms
I had the pleasure of reading Susan's newest book Power of Auras. It's totally beyond the ordinary! This book should be on the self of every conscious agent. It covers Bohm Quantum Theory, Nadis, Koshas etc. with depth and clarity!
So today - let's go deep and talk about these different energy fields and how they can change out life.
Some of the topics relating to ghosts that we discussed are:
• How anyone can see or sense subtle energy and therefore see or sense ghosts.
• Why do some people become ghosts, while others cross over into the light?
• Can people get possessed by ghosts, and, if so, why?
• What really happens to your soul after death?
• How can we help an earthbound spirit to cross over into the light?
• Are ghosts a form of energy, and how do they differ from your energy?
Find solace and comfort within your own heart of hearts. The indwelling presence is your comforter and protector. Be at peace in divine love.

About your host Jeneth Blackert
Jeneth playfully invites people around the globe to open to greater energy, oneness and possibility. With a background in nutritional sciences blended with her unique approach to change, Jeneth has an ability to profoundly deepen her client's lives.
Jeneth is the author of several books and programs including Seven Dragons: A Guide to a Limitless Mind and has contributed to How The Fierce Handles Fear with Donald Trump and Jack Canfield, Business Bushido with Steven Covey and Align, Expand, Succeed.
Jeneth runs a 7-figure conscious-based company with multiple programs, products and events designed to enhance one's being through the power of consciousness.
Jeneth has appeared on the Martha Stewart Radio, NPR, and Fox News.

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