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4-11-2013, 07:45

Foundry MODO 701 SP3 Build 64278 [Intel]-Mac OS X

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Foundry MODO 701 SP3 Build 64278 [Intel]-Mac OS X

Foundry MODO 701 SP3 Build 64278 [Intel]-Mac OS X | 188MB

Leading computer graphics and visual effects software developer, Luxology has launched MODO 701. Over the last year, the development team has listened to a huge amount of customer feedback and subsequently made significant enhancements to core functionality in the modelling, sculpting, animation, effects and rendering workflows.

Additions and corrections

Updates fur effect amplitude after each fur evaluation step.

Fixes bug with surface visibility evaluation in some cases.

Adds support for particle parameters such as age, size and velocity to replica rendering.

Regenerates vector from polygon if evaluation detects that the number of vertices has changed.

Allows Python to support notifiers and addresses other Python issues.

Adds a utility function to compute how the diffuse coefficient should be scaled to account for energy conservation. Modifies Preview and final rendering to use this new function to adjust pixel values in diffuse coefficient render outputs. Previously, final rendering only adjusted the diffuse coefficient to account for Fresnel, but not for energy lost to normal specular reflection and transparency, and Preview did not account for any energy conservation.

Adds Max OpenGL Polygon Count preference. The default count is 1000000. Changes mesh.psubSubdiv command to display a warning dialog when GL count exceeds the max GL count.

Invalidates the shader tree for light visibility changes, forcing Preview to update.

Watches for mesh channel change events and invalidates the fur cache when that happens.

Fixes UV interpolation with loop slice when a polygon is sliced by a grid pattern.

Fixes a bug with join average in symmetry mode.

Moves textures and texture locators to their groups in the item list and shader tree to avoid cluttering of the scene.

Removes the mask argument from the item.delete command from the item menu, fixing weird multi selection issues between locators and shaders.

Fixes render artifacts in volumetric lights using light gradient inputs in the light shader.

When frames are selected outside the loaded frame range, morphing alembic data was incorrectly using cached states. When a frame is selected before the range, we now use the setup state, and when selected beyond the end, we use the final state and supply the deformation as an output TriGroup channel.

Adds render outputs to show the diffuse amount and diffuse energy conservation (which accounts for reflected and transmitted light). The product of these two outputs and the recently added diffuse color output results in the diffuse coefficient. These outputs increase the possibilities for postprocessing. Changes the diffuse energy conservation output from monochrome to color since the amount may be different for red, green, and blue.

Fixes item visibility and replicated surface orientations.

Fixes shaders generated by geometry cache baking.

Fixes various random crashes related to the command history.

Fixes potential crash using element falloff in UV space.

Fixes bug where extruded polygons could not be Solid Drill sliced using the Last Selected option.

SDK: Makes gradients accessible for writes using ChannelWrite::Envelopes().

Fixes potential crash on scene close due to Preview updates for proxy items during proxy conversion.

Fixes Windows bug where painting with a very large brush size would make modo unresponsive, by added a maximum brush size.

Fixes potential crash using Loop Slice with an edge selection.

Re-enables key pasting to items of the same type when there are no channels selected.

Fixes bug with the Preset Browser which could break selection and also drag imagery on the Mac.

Fixes bug where Item Shader visibility changes weren't working in the item list.

Fixes potential crash hiding fur covered geometry with Preview open.

Fixes bug where Preview would not update if 'Remove Base Surface' was enabled on the fur material.

Fixes bug where Preview would not update on drag and drop events when viewing a texture effect instead of a shading output.

Fixed element action axis to reset axis vectors when it is activated alone.

Fixes bugs with GL textures displaying incorrectly for deforming meshes.

SDK: Adds ILxView3DportService and ILxView3D interfaces, making it possible to do queries on the current 3D viewport.

Linux: Fixes potential crash clicking on a tooltip in the animation timeline settings.

Python API: Fixes bugs where Multiply3 and Multiply4 methods of the lx.object.Matrix() interface did not take the matrix argument.

Fixes bug where static meshes didn't have tri-mesh wireframe overlays and therefore didnt show item selection highlighting.

Fixes bug where dotted lines would appear in GL when enabling 'Show Lights' with a light selected.

Fixes bug where the audio start time would get incorrectly clamped.

Avoids texture evaluation for GL in non-textured views without displacement.

Expands 'element.over' of the view3dservice query to support items.

Fixes potential crash with the 'poly.subdivide' command related to using a geometry constraint in command line mode.

Fixes bug where using a texture as a group mask would make the mesh disappear in some scenes.

Fixes bug where volumetric dissolve over 200 would cause the volume to render solid.

Fixes bug where selecting materials in Preview would incorrectly show the embedded items under locked presets or locked groups.

Fixes bug where the vertMap.math command would fail on missing vmap values, by preventing the operation from filling poly and edge discontinuities and un-set continuous values with 0, or in some cases, uninitialized floats.

Mac: Fixes bad redraw issues with OS X 10.9. May also fix hard to reproduce redraw issues with earlier OS X versions.

Fixes bug where shaders of items added to group masks wouldn't update automatically.

Fixes light shader copying when instancing lights (and environments).

Fixes potential crash closing Preview or the Image viewer window when it is open over geometry in a 3d viewport.

Fixes bug with item selection for overlapping backdrop items.

Allows negative ambient light to remove residual light in shadow areas.

Fixes various Preview update issues with light changes and volumetrics.

Fixes bug where the image viewer would fail to update for some changes to clips, including the alpha mode.

Fixes bug where the Hair Material shading was being affected by Backdrop items.

Fixes bug where multiple Texture Replicators were not possible on a surface.

Fixes bug where lights or environments containing group folders didn't copy the group contents when they were duplicated.

Fixes bug where previewing proxies could break the preview window and potentially crash.

Fixes bug where turning off Trackball Rotation could cause Camera Navigation to jump.

Updates to Tiled EXR loader to substantially improve performance.

SDK: Adds an ILxActionClip interface for ActionClip items (Actions Passes).

Fixes bug where Radial Sweep with 2-point polygons didn't work.

Fixes bug where dropping and reactivating the Slide tool would increase hauling sensitivity.

Adds a user preference for cleaning up names for Alembic export.

Fixes bug where splitting polygons failed on curves and beziers.

SDK: Adds ILxView3DportService and ILxView3D support to SDK.

Fixes crash changing to Setup layout/schematic view with specific files.

Windows: Fixes bug where italicized fonts could get clipped with the Text brush.

Mac: Fixes bad redraw issues with OS X 10.9.

SDK: Fixes bug where the definition of struct Point in lxugeometry.hpp clashes with Point in MacTypes.h.

Fixes axial falloff mixing.

Fixes per particle transforms so they are now multiplied by the source rotation and scale to match the behaviour when no Particle Modifier is involved.

Adds optional argument to lx.eval() (and related functions) for the exec flags. Allows flags to be passed through a plug-in command's execution method.

Updates the command schematic.view to use the current 'selected' group, not the active group, otherwise the command would not switch to the selected group from another workspace because the workspace was the active group.

Fixes normals in final render when rendering with cylinders (fixes specular reflection on fur).

Fixes static and surface mesh shading in GL.

Sets UV texture rotation to center around (0.5, 0.5).

Fixes UV transform evaluation order to have rotation after scale, all centered on 0.5.

Fixes potential crash loading grayscale tiled EXR images.

Adds mask container and texture locator group into the assembly group for loaded presets allowing all preset items to be removed by removing the group.

Fixes bugs where clips fail to respond to evaluation changes in the clip list thumbnail, backdrops and image viewport.

Sets normal packet in volume rendering for incidence/slope based effects.

Adds missing Alembic (ABC) and Luxology Preview Render (LXR) file type associations on Mac.

Fixes bug preventing preset.attachScript from being run using arguments.

Fixes bug where gradients set to Environment Altitude in the Environment item didn't respect the up axis from the FX item.

Fixes popups from channel components.

OBJ: Adds units support on import/export and support for exporting geometry at current scene time.

GEO format: Fixes broken workspace coordinates on export.

Fixes a potential crash when detaching the port for backdrop items (Automated Crash Reporting)

Fixes localization issues for the Shader Tree and RayGL popup.

Mac/Linux: Fixes bug where the Speed Channel Modifier was rounding values.

Mac/Linux: Adds FBX document icons.

Windows: Updates document icons and fixes bad icon indices.

Fixes bug where Particle Maps couldn't be renamed.

Fixes bug where group mask could no longer be instanced in the Shader Tree using the context menu.

Re-enables tri-mesh wireframe overlays on procedural items, which now respect the viewports wireframe overlay settings.

Fixes potential crash when Bake to Texture is used with a fur material.

Fixes bug where the Center to Bounding Box commands didn't respect the scene's up axis.

Fixes potential crash with the topology pen.

Fixes potential crash when opening some forms, such as the Eterea Weight Tools.

Fixes a potential crash with the select.symmetryState command. (Automated Crash Reporting)

Fixes a potential crash with the polygon reduction tool. (Automated Crash Reporting)

Fixes bug where tags over 1024 bytes could be saved, but not reloaded, affecting many SolidWorks imports and some from Maya.

Python API: Fixes Scene::Channels() to correctly find named actions using a case-insensitive string compare.

SDK: Adds support for string queries to 'query sceneservice channel.eval'

Fixes potential crash making items un-dynamic.

Fixes potential crash re-simulating with dynamic instances after changing settings.

Fixes potential crash rendering if 'Recent Frames' directory does not exist.

Windows: Fixes potential crash selecting the (none) texture in the UV Mask popup in the Image Ink properties. (Crash still exists on Linux, when popup is in the part of the form exposed by the more button).

Fixes potential crash with drag welding vertices on different mesh layers.

Fixes potential crash deleting items in the Shader Tree (Automated crash reporting).

Fixes the dialog.msgArg command, which was not inserting the requested value into the message.

Fixes potential crash saving or baking to images in SGI format.

Fixes potential crash attaching multiple inputs to a math node.

Fixes potential crash handling non-square EXR tiles.

Fixes crash selecting vertices in UV viewport (Automated crash reporting).

Fixes potential deadlock (hang) in Preview when making changes to the Shader Tree.

Mac/Linux: Fixes bug where STL files exported as 'meters' would appear skewed when loaded into Rhino 3D.

Fixes bug where some exported STL files would not load in Rhino 3D.

Fixes potential deadlock in Preview.

Fixes bug where clip thumbnail did not update correctly in texture properties when selecting different image maps in the shader tree.
FBX 2013 Bug Fixes:

In addition to being implemented to support the FBX 2013 plugin, the following bugs have also been addressed:

Adds option for export selected. Adds support for export animation only. Exposes the sample rate multiplier in the saver preferences.

Fixes bug where the bind pose calculated for files that didn't contain one was often incorrect.

Fixes export with certain shader setups.

Fixes incorrect transform import for some FBX files.

Enables FBX2013 plug-in for FBX loading by default. This, as well as the default export format and other options can be changed in Preferences > File I/O > FBX I/O.

Fixes export of multiple normalization folders.

Fixes import of multiple skin deformers.

Fixes bug with incorrect sizing of the cluster weights array on export.

Adds import and export support for locator color.

Improves handling of locator size on export.

Determines locator FBX type (null, skeleton, marker) based on several Modo locator channels.
Network Rendering Bug Fixes:

In addition to an overhaul of the underlying network connection and communication code, several specific Network Rendering bugs have been fixed:

Mac/Linux: Fixes potential hang on exit from slave mode.

Fixes bug where slaves could stop participating in a render after 100+ frames.

Fixes bug where slaves would fail after aborting a render when using a Shared Network Directory.

Fixes bug where rendering an animation or repeatedly rendering and aborting could cause the master to hagn.

Fixes potential crash on Master system when aborting a render.

Year: 30.10.2013
Version: 701 SP3 Build 64278
Developer: The Foundry LLC
Website Developer: http://www.thefoundry.co.uk/products/modo/
Platform: Intel only
Language: English
Tablet: Keygen + license file

System requirements:
2 GB RAM minimum
2 GB available hard disk space for full content installation
Mouse or pointing device, including pressure sensitive tablets or 3Dconnexion 3D mouse
OpenGL 2.0 accelerated graphics, at least 1280 x 800 resolution
Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later (only 64-bit supported)
Intel processor (s), Core2Duo processor or higher.
Note: MODO 701 does support full screen on Mountain Lion or higher

Foundry MODO 701 SP3 Build 64278 [Intel]-Mac OS X
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