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Burt Goldman: Mindbox : The American Monk - 22 Modules

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Burt Goldman: Mindbox : The American Monk - 22 Modules
Burt Goldman: Mindbox : The American Monk - 22 Modules
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Now, You Can Experience It All In The Privacy Of Your Home:

Every morsel of knowledge that I�ve picked up in a lifetime of learning at the feet of the most unattainable gurus of all time�

Every secret I used to be as fit as a fiddle at the age of 80+� to be happy even this screwed-up world� and overcome every single challenge and personal tragedy in my life�

Every technique unveiled to me by the masters, explained to you step-by-step� the lazy person�s way to achieve enlightenment�

�Was captured in the American Monk MindBox and is now ready to begin to take your life to the next level!
What you Discover Here Will Change Your Life Forever�

Be bowled over by its completeness in this whopping 16-hour boxed set, it could be the BIGGEST personal development set in the world�
The American Monk MindBox
Mastery Module 1: Secrets to Meditation

I will show you how to lay the foundation for a breakthrough life even before the first moment you close your eyes to meditate� You will learn a few simple yet powerful techniques that will take away years of tedium�

* The single most important technique you will ever need to effortlessly meditate like the masters. It contains just 5 words, and they will forever revolutionize the way you control your mind and emotions.
* If you are stressed, tired or overwhelmed with all kinds of negative emotions, by learning a few easy phrases, you will be set free of them � PERMANENTLY!
* Why telling the difference between Attitude Stress and Ego Stress is the key to overcoming all manner of distress.
* Stress and relaxation are actually the same thing, they only differ in degrees. Possess this mindset, and you will rapidly learn how to increase relaxation while totally eliminating stress.
* PLUS: The Daisy Pond: This simple formula is the quickest and most natural way to achieve Alpha Level. It�s so effective that some of my students have called it a �magic spell�!
* PLUS: How to use the Polarity Technique to destroy things that bother you. It�s easier than you think to live free from the things that used to MASSIVELY bug you.
* PLUS: What you learn about meditation from the rest are wrong! It is just a concentration of attention, and why this startling fact can potentially transform the way you live.
* And much, much more�

Mastery Module 2: Secrets to Habit Control

Ever have trouble kicking a habit� humiliated by some good-intentioned but hurtful relatives� or been given futile advice left, right and center? Here�s how you can use my patented Thought Stopping technique to banish the nasty habit of overeating. And yes, it works for all other kinds of compulsions and addictions too!

* The secret to habit control that many hypnotherapist throughout my lifetime RUSH to my seminars for. Good news, it is also now revealed to you!
* S.T.E.A: Why this acronym breaks the code to stop a bad habit even before it forms.
* If you�ve got a little resolve � and can mix it with my metaphor technique � then you�ve got what it takes to overcome and subdue the 800 pound gorilla which are your addictions!
* PLUS: How to instantly reprogram your brain like a VCR and quickly banish horrifying habits like smoking, over-eating, addictions and more.
* PLUS: Discover the sage�s method of cutting thoughts off before they have a negative effect.
* PLUS: How to use the astonishing Power Shout to break all kinds of habit cycles.
* And much, much more�

Mastery Module 3: Secrets to Self Esteem and Confidence

Dine on the tables of kings. Switch the beggar�s rags your confidence wears and change into royal robes in just one swoop.

* Behold the Polarity Switch. How to turn mountains into molehills and giants into ants! It is the single most vital secret to turbo-charging your self-esteem.
* You vs. You. How my Self-competition technique can quickly turn zeros into heros, all in under 4 minutes of focus!
* Discover the number one method of quickly boosting ego and self esteem.
* PLUS: Master this startling technique and start walking with poise and confidence.
* PLUS: Easily fend off negative attacks from bullies or authoritarian figures� Live your life � YOUR way.
* And much, much more�

Mastery Module 4: Secrets to Gaining Friends and Influence

How to REALLY Win Friends and Influence People. The step-by-step guide to establish instant charisma � and make people LINE up to get into YOUR inner circle.

* Why this �circus trick� is all you need to radiate around people. Learn the Painted Smile, and you will never be awkward around people again.
* �Pretending to be someone else is the key to finding yourself.� Startled? How to use the Act As If bonding technique to build greater trust and bonds between your family members.
* How to influence others to get their lives in order � and in the process, start yourself on the path to becoming a teacher and a healer.
* And much, much more�

Mastery Module 5: Secrets to Overcoming Grief and Depression

How to control the energies that cause grief and depression, by cutting it at the roots.

* If you want to banish dangerous negative thoughts for good, then this specially composed scientifically-researched meditation track is for you.
* Is there a way to reverse the crushing effects of grief, especially that of losing a loved one? With this simple technique, you can!
* This ONE word can save your sanity. Repeat it as a mantra and have your jaw drop in awe as grief fades and depression disappears
* PLUS: Conversing with the dead is a scam? Wrong! There is a way to talk to your departed loved ones without it being weird or occult like. Astonishing!
* And much, much more�

Mastery Module 6: Secrets to Speed Learning

There is no such thing as forgetfulness. The single most potent concept to fast-track your way to a photographic memory.

* 07200750741776130711076055651225. Discover my storytelling sequence, and you�ll be able to remember these 32 daunting numbers no time flat. Never forget a phone number, or any form of important numbers!
* Get access to Plato�s Room. How this long-forgotten ancient Greek method is the most potent way to rapidly absorb new material like a sponge. This the greatest secret to speed learning ever!
* How to use Power Images to improve your grades in school or learn new skills for work.
* And much, much more�

Mastery Module 7: Secrets to Love and Lasting Relationships

The Tapping Technique: Learn this explosive method to quickly restore �first date� passion to your long-term relationship � even if it has become stale.

* EVEN BETTER THAN GOOD OL� COMMUNICATION: How to achieve relationship harmony with your life partner in just a split second.
* How to rapidly diffuse a tense situation and turn it into a moment of connection and love. This one technique ALONE can save you wasted time and money from fruitless marriage counseling sessions!
* What you must do to attain the life partner of your dreams. No cheesy pick-up lines. No grooming advice. Just a little known secret that I�m going to reveal to you for domestic bliss.
* PLUS: How to �evict� your inner loneliness.
* And much, much more.

Mastery Module 8: Secrets to Mastering Your Emotions

Why using metaphors is the single greatest secret for consistent rock-solid emotional stability, and how to do it effectively.

* �The best offense is a good defense.� How to harness the incredible potential of the Power Shield to mentally create a protective barrier around you, preventing negative thoughts of others from penetrating your being.
* If you think that you can�t help but be a slave to your emotions, think again! Erase hurt and bitterness as quickly as pushing a button with these little-known techniques.
* The amazing case study of Cynthia and how she overcomes the aftermath of a painful divorce. Discover her secret to instantaneously block and change any emotion you want to.
* PLUS: How to achieve a happy attitude when circumstance tells you otherwise.
* BONUS: Listen to the meditation track and discover the easiest and quickest way to lose weight.
* And much, much more�

Mastery Module 9: Secrets to Achievement

How to boost your energy by 100% by using the Majestic Sight technique. Never be demotivated and mediocre ever again.

* When you work your muscle, you energize it. Use the amazing �Tension Power� secret to MAGICALLY unleash motivation and destroy procrastination.
* �Sparkle the kitchen instead of doing the dishes.� How grasping this revelation in the answer to motivation-on-demand.
* Power Glasses: Not wearing these means your high-flying future is at stake! This amazing technique will propel you to your dreams in just 3 simple steps!
* PLUS: Don�t wait until you�re great� How to INSTANTLY create motivation and thirst, a fire-in-your-belly, that will get you off the couch and wanting to attain big dreams.
* BONUS: How To Stay Focused And Not Get Distracted By Every New Bright and Shiny Object (Save Your Time, Save Your Money And Hit Your Goals Faster, Simpler and Easier)
* And much, much more.

Mastery Module 10: Secrets to Overcoming Fears & Phobias

Kahuna Boldness: The 200-year-old secret from Hawaii that involves crushing your fears � literally � with your two bare hands!

* How to unleash inner sources of courage you never knew existed with this secret technique.
* Discover the three chilling faces of fear.
* How to tell the difference between real fear and illusory fear, and why making the distinction is the short-cut to all-conquering courage.
* PLUS: Did you know that pinching your left ear lobe is the ultimate way to eliminate those pesky hang-ups? This seemingly ridiculous action will actually turn boys into men and women into warriors!
* PLUS: Mental Acupuncture: Use this amazing technique to �prick� away irrational fears and phobias � even if you�ve had them for years. Learn the secret to unleashing your Chi energy to make fear fear you!
* And much, much more�

Mastery Module 11: Secrets to Controlling Your Thoughts

The Fog of Negative Thought � Here�s the 3 practical steps to break through and achieve crystal clear clarity and joy.

* The story of how I was happy and smiling through my car accident even though I WRECKED my beloved car, and why.
* �This too shall pass�. All you need is this meditation track to transform this beautiful Hebrew phrase into a statement of indomitable will.
* The Power of Thinking Small. Surprising!
* PLUS: Instant antidote for surviving failure. Bounce back from disappointment like a basketball with this easy 2 step method.
* PLUS: Whatever you think, think the opposite. Use the powerful �Attitude Reversal� technique to flip any situation around� Turning failures into success� Embarrassment into humor� Hatred into love�
* And much, much more�

Mastery Module 12: Secrets to Aging Gracefully

How to gain life faster than you�re dying. Slow the aging process down to a screeching halt and help you to regain youthfulness the easy way.

* One word: Camelot. This unlikely source may actually be the greatest secret ever to staying young. How to channel all your thoughts into purposeful energy that will reinvigorate you like a luxurious spa!
* The Reiki Longevity Shield: The amazing 7-part secret weapon that will propel you to a whole new level of youthfulness. This is dynamite! Start looking forward to every single day of your life.
* This is the great enemy of youth and beauty. Negative energies are on the prowl, and they seek to create a miserable debilitating old age for you. Good news: It�s totally possible to eliminate them with a few easy tricks.
* PLUS: How to never again feel your age � Simple techniques anybody can do to flood your heart, mind, circulation and more with refreshing vitality.
* PLUS: Why your twilight years will become the best ones of your life. Just add some of my little-known techniques to your wealth of experience and you will experience bliss like you�ve never had before!
* And much, much more�

Mastery Module 13: Secrets to Wealth

�Give a person with a poverty consciousness 1 million dollars and a year or two later they�ll be broke again.� What you must do immediately to stop getting poorer instantly.

* How to stop poverty dead in its tracks. The secret to exponentially expand your capacity to attract health, all with just a simple mental tweak. It�s like the universe has become your ATM machine and your mind is the bank card!
* The Incredible Power of the Magnet Hat� the quickest, easiest, simplest way to achieve your goals and attain every one of your heart�s desire. Yes, at the drop of a hat!
* Visualize you are a giant horse-shoe magnet. Amusing? Maybe. But this is the single most GUARANTEED way to laugh all the way to the bank. Master this, and you don�t have to worry about materialistic needs, again.
* And much, much more.

Mastery Module 14: Secrets to Career Success

How to use the the proven Table of Creativity technique that has propelled me into becoming a gallery artist at the age of 80, even without formal training or history! Now, I will reveal the same concept to you, too.

* The �Schizophrenic� Success Secret. A cautious you� A reckless you� A negative you� A positive you� A creative you� Learn the ultimate way to take your creativity to the next level.
* Goals and Control: The breakthrough 6 step process to achieving your every dream � quickly and easily.
* BETTER THAN A PROMOTION: Discover the secret to lasting career fulfillment that is immune to politics and circumstances.
* And much, much more�

Mastery Module 15: Secrets to Dealing With Change

Sick of the status quo? Hate to march to someone else�s drum beat? How you can seize back control and individuality in a few simple steps. Now, you can live life again on your own terms.

* How to AUTOMATICALLY create positive turning points in your life. The four simple steps to create epiphanies at will. If you want to be a better person without going through the pain of transition, than you have to read this!
* Change is growth. Unfortunately, change is painful. I will show you the single best way for PAIN-FREE change. It�s like all the growth with none of the effort.
* We all have security blankets we hang on to with fists of iron. This astounding six step process will give you the strength to let go of what is hindering you so that you can be all that you can be.
* PLUS: Facing problems that seem too big to overcome? Have no fear. Use my secret Golden Image technique to magically attract the solution. Just sit back and witness the amazing universal forces at work to accomplish your goals.
* And much, much more!

Mastery Module 16: Secrets to Reiki Healing

How Willie Lee built a 20,000 square feet building � BRICK BY BRICK � with his bare hands all the way back in 1963! Use his amazing secret to unleash boundless energy� bring life to limbs� and be in the pink of health� All without the aid of doctors or expensive health supplements.

* The Okinawa life span in Japan exceeds eighty years of age � here�s how to accomplish the same feat. Amazing fact: It only takes a mere 30 seconds a day.
* What you must do to enter the Theatre of Healing and start vanquishing all manner of ailments and sickness. Why the only path to physical healing is spiritual �surgery�. All you need is 3 simple steps.
* The three point method to to becoming a full-fledged Reiki healer. This really is the lazy person�s guide to achieve supernatural health.
* PLUS: Why not caring too much for your �patient� is the surprising secret to effective and permanent healing. Maintain professional distance, and you magically boost the chances of healing success.
* PLUS: The incredible �Reiki Power Catalyst� technique to imbue to an inanimate object with potent healing powers. How to transform any towel, handkerchief and scarf into a channel of miraculous revitalization. You will be like the faith healers of old
* BONUS: BETTER THAN THE HANDYMAN. How chi, the force beyond my healing method, can be harnessed to revive mechanical objects as well. Don�t believe me? Ask Stevie Wonder�s musicians who�s van I �healed�.
* And much. much more!

With the MindBox Advanced you will get 6 EXTRA modules, not included in the MindBox.

Mastery Module 17: Secrets to Manifestations

* No matter what your heart�s desire is�whether large or small�you can make it happen by following the recipe to your dreams that will be revealed here.
* This is the Mastery Module that contains Center Stage, the ultimate, final goal setting method of the American Monk.
* Learn how to turn dreams into reality with the control of visualizations and attitude.

Mastery Module 18: Secrets to Connecting to Your Psychic self

* Discover how to tune inward and dial down outside distractions in your life so you can open up to the messages calling from your heart.
* Appreciate what Psychic really means. Hint, it�s not what you see on television.
* Here is the process to arouse, develop and use your psychic power.

Mastery Module 19: Secrets to Luck

* You can activate luck. This Mastery Module helps you discover that part of your mind that creates luck.
* Lucky people have an attitude that attracts good things, here you will learn how to bring about that attitude.
* You�ll also discover the ancient secret walking mantra that will open the door to luck in all areas of your life.

Mastery Module 20: Secrets to Connecting to Higher Consciousness

* You�ll make the right decisions without ever second guessing yourself. For many people this is one of the most important principles they�ll ever learn.
* Learn the 3 steps to higher planes of consciousness.
* Discover the secret of using parallel dimensions to better your life.

Mastery Module 21: Secrets to Finding a life Purpose

* Rapidly and easily sort out real desires from misguided hopes and wishes. You�ll rapidly distinguish between the voice calling from your heart and the demands made by your logical mind.
* Finally, a comprehension of life, and your purpose in life.
* You�ll also learn how to better your by advancing the ladder to higher planes of consciousness�one step at a time.

Mastery Module 22: Secrets to Enlightenment

* The Mastery Module, with the ultimate question, �What is Enlightenment?�
* Here you will discover how to achieve oneness with your spiritual nature and find the road to enlightenment.
* Did we save the best for last? You be the judge after you learn, and use, the ultimate technique for a better and better you�The Wave of Goodness.

The American Monk intends to raise the consciousness of 1 million people and to help create a turning point on this planet�a world where people are in tune with their inner-selves, living healthy and creative lives and are no longer swayed by religious dogma or politics. We�re giving away $100 worth of training online for free. Share them with your friends and family and together we�ll touch and transform 1 million lives.

I recommends Buy premimum account for High speed+parallel downloads!



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