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Jay Abraham - Super Seminar (2013 - Los Angeles CA) [REDUCED]

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Jay Abraham - Super Seminar (2013 - Los Angeles CA) [REDUCED]

Jay Abraham - Super Seminar (2013 - Los Angeles CA) [REDUCED] [15 MP4, 15 MP3, 2 PDF]
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This is (almost) brand new Jay Abraham content that was just held at LAX Marriott June 21st - 24th, 2013. It doesn't matter if you have heard some of these stories before because you need to internalize his thought processes so you can better serve your offline and online clients. As the economy gets worse you need up-to-date thinking and information as to what's working and what's not. The Magic Shrink Ray(tm) knocked better than 50% off the size of the videos and and I ripped an audio set for those on the go. MY HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION

Here is the order page:

The pitch page is gone but here is some of the promo copy floating around the webs:

The Super Seminar---the first live business-building seminar I've personally conducted in the states in nearly five years is ON.

And a duality of people have been responding...

First-and to my absolute delight, a quality "cadre" of people on my list totally trusted in me, committed blindly to participate-and frankly, I'm thrilled to share quality time (and my unhedged, most-evolved expertise) with them in Los Angeles at my "wildly disruptive," first-ever SuperSeminar, June 21 - 24.

Interestingly-but probably understandably-a large portion of people on my list expressed passionate desire to participate---IF I provided them with more details about the comprehensive agenda/curriculum I plan on following---and/or confirmed that I AM absolutely-positively-affirmatively going ahead with the program.

I need to say-with, heartfelt respect, that I originally sent the "Request For Expression Of Interest" e-mails out (that purposely did NOT indicate content; nor did they confirm I was going forward)---because I was purposely gauging, testing and segmenting people on my list---to see WHO instantly "got" me-and who did not.

Frankly, I'd hoped that the myriad of extensive/diverse resources I've been freely gifting you over these past two years clearly (and powerfully) demonstrated to each of you MY unique and disruptive understanding of how to grow/build/expand-EXPLODE a business-both strategically and tactically-and, that the curriculum details (or affirmation that I'm definitely doing the event) would be unnecessary.

To those of you who already "got" me and blindly committed-I appreciate your confidence in me. THANK YOU.

In grateful acknowledgement, I'm buying everyone who already committed-an exclusive and stimulating wine and cheese cocktail party with me the first night.

But I want to provide everyone else on my list--- who still needs more assurance, concreteness, clarity or motivation-to-act---with enough tangible answers to help YOU make the correct decision.

So here we go. We'll do this fast and furious:

Yes. Absolutely! We ARE doing the private, intimate, four-day encounter in Los Angeles June 21- 24 and the sessions will go from 9 am to 6 or 7 pm each day. Attendance may consist of a handful of true loyalists. It may consist of more-IF all the hundreds of you who are holding back pull the trigger and sign up. Truthfully, I'm fine either way. The intent behind even offering the experience was that...

I thought it would be interesting to get together with a group of impressive entrepreneurs who really "got" me-exchange all the breakthrough distinctions I've learned recently, tell you what I see going on in the world-and tune in on YOUR growth opportunities, observations, concerns, and challenges.

Whether attendance is large or small really doesn't matter to me-as long as it's qualitative. My goal here has ALWAYS been to use combinations of divergent and convergent thinking to spawn fascinating (hopefully great) new ideas, opportunities and strategic solutions for YOU!

Okay, You Win. It's a pain, but here is a partial list of just "some" of the topics/content/curriculum I will be packing into the first three days of the event (for a more comprehensive overview, you can talk my vision through with Rob Colasanti by contacting him at [email protected]):

What you'll discover:

Making the money connection.

60 ways to harness other business's resources, assets, access-without capital or risk.

12 pillars for creating unlimited business wealth-without investing capital/risk.

Nine ways most businesses get stuck and how to get unstuck.

Top three reasons most small businesses can't get past their limited size.

Twenty ways to increase frequency or utility/economic value of a buyer.

Turning yourself into a "multiplier" instead of a business "diminisher".

Creating an iconic brand/company/product.

43 methods for leveraging other business's relational capital.

How to incorporate divergent thinking into whatever linear strategies, marketing and business model you currently apply.

60+ real world case study stories, actual illustrative examples of successes we've engineered by adapting and adopting.

Template examples/exercises to transform your business from commodity to proprietary/from marginal to pre-eminent.

(Note: Part two of this will be clinical assessment and diagnostic corrective treatment of how to bring out the greatness in yourself, team, marketing and branding/positioning.)

Distinctions of being a "Marketing Maven"-including 24 separate characteristics you can adopt, 12 behavior changes you can quickly apply Brand repositioning.

Strategy restructuring.

Business model remodeling.

Acquiring other similar or complimentary businesses without using capital or risk.

Key thinking tools for redefining your future.

Two dozen ways to grow new prospects/buyers.

12 ways to increase unit of sale.

12 ways to turn your enterprise into a high growth "gazelle".

Future pacing.

Strategic storytelling.

The science of using bonuses and risk reversal to create proprietary offerings.

A strategy for out thinking/ out marketing/ out positioning your competition.

How to make your people and yourself more fascinating.

Social media/digital marketing as never explained before.

Nine high impact elements of business performance few entrepreneurs maximize.

9 skills of marketing greatness.

Four ways to unleash the greatness in yourself.

How to secure and then optimize your own masterful thinking partner(s).

Convergent/divergent integrative thinking.

Nine powerful ways to use strategic alliances.

Seven new ways to out think everyone.

How to penetrate new markets and create new revenue sources.

The key to creative collaboration.

Mastering the six strategic processes of profitable progress.

How to understand "return on assets".

12 online calculators of differing performance indicators.

Evaluating your social intelligence, emotional intelligence, strategic intelligence.

How to become a high-trust leader and create a business that's the only viable choice your market makes.

36 all new power principles (these are in ADDITION to the 21 we'll re-review).

Top 21 no-cost referral systems-each carefully explained.

How to harness the power of momentum.

How to get the money for your startup or stagnant business and what to do if you can't.

Adjusting your vision for growth and higher PROFITS.

Reverse engineering your target performance indicators.

Creating sustaining momentum.

Leveraging the power of human performance.

Making competition irrelevant.

Shaping the destiny of your business future.

Understanding "program controls".

The Strategic Wealth Creator System.

How the Strategy of Preeminence can drive value.

How to use "the power of questions" to discover the best breakthrough answers.

The art/science of making preemptive business propositions and offers.

How and where to learn "Leadership Agility".

Tools that will make you a more strategic leader.

How to develop accurate critical thinking.

Using the "Wealth Equation" for financial freedom.

Harnessing a "masterful thinking partner" paradigm.

The power of Asset Velocity.

Tools/techniques to eliminate constraints, bottlenecks and logjams in your pathway.

Mining intellectual assets.

Developing talent.

Forces, factors and elements that affect/afflict/impact performance.

The price of mediocrity.

Why you don't recognize most opportunities presenting themselves.

Understanding and maximizing opportunity cost.

Why focused listening--combined with critical thinking is the most important skill
needed for a successful entrepreneur.

How to gain better strategic direction.

How to build up your power team.

How to foresee where your market is headed and know how to profit from the shifts and changes.

Continuously modeling the mindset of Steve Jobs.

A blueprint for ability aspects.

Pathways to greater profitability.

Updating your "Profit Paradigm".

Key performance indicators few entrepreneurs ever look at.

The secrets to unlimited wealth and power.

Uncover what's missing from YOUR business strategy?

A skill set checklist.

A success system that never fails.

Making your business work harder for you than you work for it.

Leveraged Marketing: Explained for the first-time-ever!

Why most private businesses under perform their best opportunities.

The reasons why your marketing isn't delivering the impact it could.

Measuring what sales performance elements your success model is probably missing.

How to identify and discern all the hidden assets in your business.

How to make "The Double-O Matrix" work for you.

Where to find the biggest cash windfalls and new sources of business.

How to engineer more success and certainty into every action you take and decision you make.

Creating multiple profit sources.

Creating more value for your market and clients.

How to gain maximum personal leverage.

Networking/brainstorming/masterminding---STRATEGICALLY--- for building maximum brainpower.

Turning yourself into an "idea generator".

How to make GROWTH THINKING a key part of everything you do.

Examples of dozens of small, safe, tests that uncover all kinds of business breakthroughs...

How to use key influencers most strategically and masterfully.

Optimization and Maximization fully explained--demonstrated with examples in all new ways and areas.

Leverage Marketing, Geometric Marketing and Exponential Thinking--all examined--and connected to ALL my foundational principles (in order to demonstrate clear-cut applicability and the action steps you need to take).

Newly formulated listings and examinations of performance inhibitors, constrain errors and business restrictors that few entrepreneurs understand, let alone know how to eliminate.

I was originally going to teach my "7 Concepts They Don't Teach You At Harvard Business School". Instead, I've created "The 18 Strategies You'll Never Learn From Any MBA Program" and will reveal it to you at the Super Seminar.

Plus--I created a 2-hour segment called "The Abraham Bible of Business Building".
Also, a 90-minute segment titled, "The Abraham MBA Method" (here, MBA stands for mastering business acceleration).

I'll have access to multiple numbers of high-level digital/social media marketing experts we'll talk with (either by Skype or conference call) asking them very highly detailed questions on YOUR behalf, lasering-in on what really works in the online/social media landscape--right now!

You all know my "21 Power Principles"--hopefully. But, you've never heard my QPE or "Quantum Performance Enhancers" stratagems (there are a dozen factors and forces I've identified that I've never-ever explained anywhere except to private clients). These are forces that either carry your results upward and higher--or they diminish and drive your performance down and sideways.
I will host a "Testing Clinic" for you. Here, we'll examine a wonderful collection of actionable, variables, activities, scenarios and situational elements that entrepreneurs have successfully tested and won big with--isolating and identifying for you those unique (and universal) breakthrough distinctions you can most predictably apply to your business.

Discover how to pay only for results. I'll show you how to identify and transform a multitude of fixed costs over to performance-based/result-based/sales-based costs--and in essence, create unlimited work at will, WITHOUT using your own capital.

You'll get a "Winning Strategies Clinic." We'll look at dozens of current success strategies, marketing approaches, business models, brand positions and competitive advantage gaining approaches that you can appropriate/borrow/adapt/adopt to whatever you do. And this portion will be followed up with plenty of Q & A time.

Building YOUR Power Parthenon (Creating multiple sources of revenue, buyers and profit centers.) We'll actually be building you your own customized implementation action planning process/game plan on day three. And we'll be highly specific, here--including identifying the exact pillars you need to add to your own business's Power Parthenon.

How to Outthink Your Competition. This session will be a combination/integration of disruptive thinking, innovative thinking--turning on and then turning up--your own creativity switch, so you can master integrated critical thinking. Then we'll perform powerful table exercises and discussions--ALL designed to instill and install these newfound mindsets into your psyche.

What's a prospect's/buyer's/purchase or repurchase transaction REALLY worth?

Here, we'll look at acquisition costs. We'll re-evaluate your allowable marketing investment.

We'll appraise true buyer value (by category, source, products, etc).

We'll ascertain usage alternatives of allowable acquisition costs, besides regular advertising.

We'll explore Marginal Net Worth Theory--in its entirety. And of course, it will be filled with highly clarifying, real-world examples for you to model.

Five ways to create business wealth--TODAY.

We'll explore how to multiply current income, guarantee far greater future income, ethically exploit windfall income opportunities internally and externally, how to achieve monster-size psychic/emotional wealth--and position your business for future sales at the maximum value and worth possible.

Ad Clinic with Copywriting Lessons. This is self-explanatory; but it WILL be full of examples, exercises, formulas etc.

You'll also get a crash course on leveraging, multiplying and maximizing "Relational Capital" (I did the first "World Premiere" version in Japan two weeks ago to stunning approval--I'm doing an advanced version of it here this week for a group. I will distill the core/key elements and principles--and include them ALL in a three-hour fast-track accelerated learning segment for you.

On day three---I'll walk you through a "Custom Action Game Plan" for engineering breakthroughs and mining untapped windfalls of revenues and profits in YOUR business.

Look---in actuality you, as an entrepreneur, are paid to think! The difference between the victors and victims, the winners and losers, the mediocre and magnificent comes down to YOUR ability to think, act and transact business different/better than everyone else.

I believe that-no matter what type/size business YOU run-what wins in business today is NOT the ability to out-muscle or out-resource the competition. IT'S YOUR ABILITY TO OUT-THINK YOUR COMPETITORS-by using greater, far more penetrating brainpower!

I'm going to share a "potload" of new ideas-HOWEVER-your future will depend more on thinking anew-about approaching things in your business from a decisively distinctive point of view.

I won't reveal names-but I plan on plugging into a number of my high-level expert friends-either by phone/Skype...maybe in-person. We're talking celebrated, world-class icons---none of whom will try to sell you a thing!

Bottom line: I want to totally shift the way you start looking at problems, challenges, competition, markets and marketing. I want you to look at your business in a more elevated way than you ever have before.

The gathering won't be remotely like ANYTHING you've attended in the past. It'll be deep. Highly provocative. Mind-rattling and more than a bit unsettling-but in the most positive way imaginable. I plan on pushing, pulling, cajoling, challenging, exciting-then admonishing and haunting you to think about every facet of your business more critically, logically, more powerfully!

There-are you satisfied?

I'm out of space AND TIME.

Day four, by the way, will consist of high-impact, individualized "hotseats." It's an optional-and extra cost day-featuring hands-on, custom, business-growth instruction from me! Feel free to enroll if you wish to be "hotseated" by me (or watch via livestream as a fly-on-the-wall!!)

Jay Abraham

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