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  • Date: 4-09-2013, 17:16
4-09-2013, 17:16

2013 AUG non-fiction NEW releases part 1 (PDF)-MiMESiS

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2013 AUG non-fiction NEW releases part 1 (PDF)-MiMESiS

2013 AUG non-fiction NEW releases part 1 (PDF)-MiMESiS
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Ebooks included

Apress Arduino and LEGO Projects (2013).pdf
Apress Beginning ASP.NET MVC 4 (2013).pdf
Apress Beginning Java EE 7 (2013).pdf
Apress Beginning javascript with DOM Scripting and Ajax 2nd (2013).pdf
Apress Big Data Imperatives, Enterprise Big Data Warehouse BI Implementations and Analytics (2013).pdf
Apress BizTalk 2010 EDI for Health Care, HIPAA Compliant 837 Solutions (2013).pdf
Apress C# Quick Syntax Reference (2013).pdf
Apress Cloud Capacity Management (2013).pdf
Apress Common Sense, Get It Use It and Teach It in the Workplace (2013).pdf
Apress Expert Android (2013).pdf
Apress Expert Oracle Enterpise Manager 12c (2013).pdf
Apress HTML5 Game Programming with enchant.js (2013).pdf
Apress Introducing Java EE 7, A Look at What's New (2013) [alpha release].pdf
Apress Java EE 7 Recipes, A Problem-Solution Approach (2013).pdf
Apress javascript Programmer's Reference (2013).pdf
Apress Learn Unity 4 for iOS Game Development (2013).pdf
Apress More iOS6 Development, Further Explorations of the iOS SDK (2013).pdf
Apress Plan Your Financial Future, A Comprehensive Guidebook to Growing Your Net Worth (2013).pdf
Apress Plan to Turn Your Company Around in 90 Days, How to Restore Positive Cash Flow and Profitability (2013).pdf
Apress Pro ASP.NET 4.5 in C# 5th (2013).pdf
Apress Pro Arduino (2013).pdf
Apress Pro Data Visualization using R and javascript (2013).pdf
Apress Pro Django 2nd (2013).pdf
Apress Pro Hibernate and MongoDB (2013).pdf
Apress Pro Oracle Database 12c Administration 2nd (2013).pdf
Apress Pro Sharepoint 2013 Branding and Responsive Web Development (2013).pdf
Apress RMAN Recipes for Oracle Database 12c, A Problem-Solution Approach 2nd (2013).pdf
Apress Real World Windows 8 App Development with javascript, Create Great Windows Store Apps (2013).pdf
Apress Sharepoint 2013 User's Guide, Leaming Microsoft's Business Collaboration Platform 4th (2013).pdf
Apress Smart Home Automation with Linux and Raspberry Pi (2013).pdf
Apress The Business of Android Apps Development 2nd (2013).pdf
Apress TouchDevelop, Programming on the Go 3rd (2013).pdf
Apress Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 Game Development (2013).pdf
Apress WordPress for Web Developers, An Introduction for Web Professionals 2nd (2013).pdf
BMJ Publishing Everyday Medical Ethics and Law (2013).pdf
BMJ Publishing How to Assess Doctors and Health Professionals (2013).pdf
Baker Publishing The World of the New Testament, Cultural Social and Historical Contexts (2013).pdf
Basic Books The Last Man in Russia, The Struggle to Save a Dying Nation (2013).pdf
BenBella Books What Went Wrong, How the 1 percent Hijacked the American Middle Class and What Other Countries Got Right (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing 10 Virtues of Outstanding Leaders, Leadership and Character (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing A Companion to American Legal History (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing A Companion to British Art, 1600 to the Present (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing A Companion to Buddhist Philosophy (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing A Companion to Chinese Archaeology (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing A Companion to Creative Writing (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing A Companion to Donald Davidson (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing A Companion to Film Noir (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing A Companion to Foucault (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing A Companion to Francois Truffaut (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing A Companion to George Eliot (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing A Companion to Jean Renoir (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing A Companion to John Adams and John Quincy Adams (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing A Companion to Luis Bunuel (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing A Companion to Media Authorship (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing A Companion to Organizational Anthropology (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing A Companion to Paleoanthropology (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing A Companion to Pedro Almodovar (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing A Companion to Terence (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing A Companion to Woodrow Wilson (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing A Companion to Woody Allen (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing A Companion to the Archaeology of the Roman Republic (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing A Companion to the Era of Andrew Jackson (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing A Companion to the Historical Film (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing A Companion to the Neronian Age (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing A Companion to the Philosophy of Time (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing A Dictionary of Literary Terms and Literary Theory 5th (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing A Handbook of Middle English Studies (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing A Handbook of Modernism Studies (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing A History of Old English Literature 2nd (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing A Primer on Property Tax, Administration and Policy (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing A Sneetch Is a Sneetch and Other Philosophical Discoveries, Finding Wisdom in Children's Literature (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing An Employer's and Engineer's Guide to the FIDIC Conditions of Contract (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing Banking Across Boundaries, Placing Finance in Capitalism (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing Between Skins, The Body in Psychoanalysis - Contemporary Developments (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing Business Basics for Dentists (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing Cognitive Therapy for Addiction, Motivation and Change (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing Companion to Cultural Geography (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing Companion to Inter-Religious Dialogue (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing Companion to the Anglican Communion (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing Continuing Professional Development in Health and Social Care, Strategies for Lifelong Learning 2nd (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing Culture as Embodiment, The Social Tuning of Behavior (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing Delivering Sustainable Buildings, An Industry Insider's View (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing Dried Fruits, Phytochemicals and Health Effects (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing Dunes, Dynamics Morphology History (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing Eclipse of Grace, Divine and Human Action in Hegel (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing Education Policy, Philosophical Critique (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing Emergency Medicine Simulation Workbook, A Tool for Bringing the Curriculum to Life (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing Emerging Epidemics, Management and Control (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing Ender's Game and Philosophy, The Logic Gate Is Down (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing Fashioning Globalisation, New Zealand Design Working Women and the Cultural Economy (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing Food and Drink Good Manufacturing Practice, A Guide to its Responsible Management (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing Gestalt Therapy Around the World (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing Handbook of Addiction Psychopharmacology (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing Handbook of Legal and Ethical Aspects of Sex Offender Treatment and Management (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing Handbook of Mood Disorders 2nd (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing Handbook of the Psychology of Leadership, Change and Organizational Development (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing Handbook of the Treatment of Childhood and Adolescent Anxiety (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing Happy-People-Pills for All (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing Having Success with NSF, A Practical Guide (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing Heaven on Earth, Theological Interpretation in Ecumenical Dialogue (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing Identity and Discrimination (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing Improving Mental Health Care, The Global Challenge (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing Intellectual Disability, Ethics Dehumanization and a New Moral Community (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing Intercultural Language Teaching and Learning (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing Lamentations Through the Centuries (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing Lessons from Fort Apache, Beyond Language Endangerment and Maintenance (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing Medical Decision Making 2nd (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing Office Markets and Public Policy (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing Organizational Fit, Key Issues and New Directions (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing Psychoanalytic Thinking in Occupational Therapy, Symbolic Relational and Transformative (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing Reading the American Novel 1920-2010 (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing Reconstructing Project Management (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing Spatial Politics, Essays for Doreen Massey (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing The Down-Deep Delight of Democracy (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing The Greek Polis and the Invention of Democracy, A Politico-cultural Transformation and Its Interpretations (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing The Handbook of Communication and Corporate Reputation (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing The Transhumanist Reader, Classical and Contemporary Essays on the Science Technology and Philosophy of the Human Future (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing The Utopian Globalists, Artists of Worldwide Revolution 1919-2009 (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing Toxic Plants of North America 2nd (2013).pdf
Blackwell Publishing Working Lives, Gender Migration and Employment in Britain 1945-2007 (2013).pdf
Bloomberg Press Way of the Trade, Tactical Applications of Underground Trading Methods for Traders and Investors (2013).pdf
Bloomsbury Publishing Return of a King, The Battle for Afghanistan 1839-42 (2013).pdf
Brill Publishing Atlas of the Gulf States (2013).pdf
Brill Publishing Bodies of Knowledge in Ancient Mesopotamia, The Diviners of Late Bronze Age Emar and Their Tablet Collection (2013).pdf
Brill Publishing Byzantine Military Organization on the Danube, 10th-12th Centuries (2013).pdf
Brill Publishing Creation Language in Romans 8, A Study in Monosemy (2013).pdf
Brill Publishing From Yugoslavia to the Western Balkans, Studies of a European Disunion 1991-2011 (2013).pdf
Brill Publishing Jewish Leadership in Roman Palestine from 70 CE to 135 CE (2013).pdf
Brill Publishing Luwian Identities, Culture Language and Religion between Anatolia and the Aegean (2013).pdf
Brill Publishing Moral Education for Women in the Pastoral and Pythagorean Letters, Philosophers of the Household (2013).pdf
Brill Publishing Protagoras of Abdera, The Man His Measure (2013).pdf
Brill Publishing Reading and Re-reading Scripture at Qumran (2 Vols) (2013).pdf
Brill Publishing Revelation 21-22 in Light of Jewish and Greco-Roman Utopianism (2013).pdf
Brill Publishing Rituals of Triumph in the Mediterranean World (2013).pdf
Brill Publishing The Ancient Mediterranean Environment between Science and History (2013).pdf
Brill Publishing The Arabic Influence on Northern Berber (2013).pdf
Brill Publishing The Quest for the Real Jesus, Radboud Prestige Lectures by Prof. Dr. Michael Wolter (2013).pdf
Brill Publishing The Reign of Adad-nirari III, An Historical and Ideological Analysis of an Assyrian King and His Times (2013).pdf
Brill Publishing The Religious Life of Nabataea (2013).pdf
Brill Publishing The Verb in Archaic Biblical Poetry, A Discursive Typological and Historical Investigation of the Tense System (2013).pdf
Brill Publishing Toward a Postcolonial Reading of the Epistle of James, James 2.1-13 in its Roman Imperial Context (2013).pdf
Brill Publishing Verbal Aspect in Synoptic Parallels, On the Method and Meaning of Divergent Tense-Form Usage in the Synoptic Passion Narratives (2013).pdf
Brill Publishing William Ockham on Metaphysics, The Science of Being and God (2013).pdf
CABI Publishing Raspberries (2013).pdf
CRC Press Canola and Rapeseed, Production Processing Food Quality and Nutrition (2013).pdf
CRC Press Drinking Water Disinfection Techniques (2013).pdf
CRC Press Neurons and the DHA Principle (2013).pdf
CRC Press Phytochemicals, Health Promotion and Therapeutic Potential (2013).pdf
Cambridge Scholars Publishing International Relations and Islam, Diverse Perspectives (2013).pdf
Cambridge University Press Christopher Marlowe in Context (2013).pdf
Cambridge University Press English as a Contact Language (2013).pdf
Cambridge University Press Field Theories of Condensed Matter Physics 2nd (2013).pdf
Cambridge University Press Green Retreats, Women Gardens and 18th-Century Culture (2013).pdf
Cambridge University Press Handbook of Second Language Acquisition (2013).pdf
Cambridge University Press Historical Linguistics, Toward a 21st Century Reintegration (2013).pdf
Cambridge University Press Occult Knowledge, Science and Gender on the Shakespearean Stage (2013).pdf
Cambridge University Press Spenser's International Style (2013).pdf
Cambridge University Press The Performance of Nationalism, India Pakistan and the Memory of Partition (2013).pdf
Cambridge University Press The Shakespearean Stage Space (2013).pdf
Chronicle Books 50 Best Plants on the Planet, The Most Nutrient-Dense Fruits and Vegetables (2013).pdf
Clarity Press Destroying Libya and World Order, The Three-Decade U.S. Campaign to Terminate the Qaddafi Revolution (2013).pdf
CreateSpace Publishing Grow Your Vegetables, For Your Nutritional and Financial Health (2013).pdf
CreateSpace Publishing Swarmwise, The Tactical Manual to Changing the World (2013).pdf
Crown Publishers The Food Police, A Well-Fed Manifesto about the Politics of Your Plate (2013).pdf
Dartmouth College Press A Blake Dictionary, The Ideas and Symbols of William Blake (2013).pdf
F+W Publications Zombie Birds, Astronaut Fish and Other Weird Animals (2013).pdf
F.A. Davis Publishing Drug Guide for Nurses 13th (2013).pdf
Harvard University Press Genetic Explanations, Sense and Nonsense (2013).pdf
Harvest House Publishers The Popular Encyclopedia of Church History, The People Places and Events That Shaped Christianity (2013).pdf

2013 AUG non-fiction NEW releases part 1 (PDF)-MiMESiS

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